58th Idea Filmfare Awards

filmfare 2013

A Big Turn-Off

Filmfare Awards: India’s counterpart for the Golden Globe, Oscars and the BAFTA! But while I was waiting for this to be broadcasted for a couple of days, it eventually turned out to be a big turnoff. I wondered how 100 year old wine could taste so bad? It should have been awesome, served with some starters and then a full fledged buffet to result in a sumptuous meal. A buffet, which would have been even more comforting than the a la carté served as per your choice. But it just wasn’t so!

“Bollywood” – people/movie buffs like me do not swear by the word. It is like an institution and a stage which million people worship and aspire to be a part of, but I am sure that yesterday, many dreams lay shattered and torn. They were supposed to be celebrating a 100 years of the existence of Indian Cinema, but felt like another ordinary year, with the usual sort of events taking place. I would not compare these awards to any other awards of the industry because they are very special to me and it hurt me to see such a poor show, when it should have been all grandeur.

I was absolutely stunned by the number of absentees; the list repeatedly kept hitting me and the loop went on till the curtain fell and “K-Jo” (Karan Johar) eloquently bade goodbye with the names of sponsors. 85% of the people present there were actually those who belonged to no clan. And a few had to come and oblige their duties. With due respect to SRK sir and Saif sir who I admire a lot, I would like to say Bollywood had and will have four Khans. I just can’t digest the fact that there was no one from that clan. Aamir sir’s absence was still digestible because he has by default boycotted the awards, but then nephew Imran wasn’t there either. Salman sir too, without whom it all looks so inhuman, was supported by all his near and dear ones, but no, I don’t mean his family. Arbaaz Khan, Malaika Arora, her (Malaika’s) sister, none of them were there. Sanjay Dutt was not there. Shilpa Shetty was not there. Akshay Kumar was not there, and Sonakshi, too, wasn’t seen. In the senior fraternity, except Javed saab, Shabana ji and Rekha ji, everyone was absent. Amazingly, the whole Kapoor clan wasn’t there – except Ranbir (why? Read line 3). What’s the matter, guys?

Is the Bollywood fraternity under a sort of split?

Music, an indispensable and inextricably intertwined part of Bollywood was represented in such a poor light. How could you not have Lata ji, Asha ji , Udit ji, Alka ji, Sonu Nigam, Shreya (Ghoshal) or Sunidhi (Chauhan) there? How could you even call it fair and square? I do understand that some of them may not be nominees, but then these were the 58th Filmfare awards, and they were supposed to be about more than just giving away awards. There was a void in my heart yesterday and it lay broken. I felt bad that Bollywood, which people call a “dreamworld” has a yama and doot somewhere deep down. Please do not split it into two. There is only one Bollywood and it is so dear to all of us. Yesterday it seemed wounded and painful.

Not only was the list of absentees huge, the lack of zeal was reflected in subtler ways. The way tributes were paid to the old actors, actresses and bad-boys (villains) of the silver screen looked half baked and hasty. There was no passion reflected in the complete act of “four” hours, which was expected to soak and mesmerise people all over Bhaarat. It seemed like an act of reluctance, denial and a mere object of formality. There were many stars that we missed. The most startling was the absence of Pran, Prem Chopra, Ranjith and even Shakti Kapoor. Even the tributes that were paid to departed souls were so hurried that I would have preferred to not have them at all. I have a huge problem with the way the event was conceptualised. How can the “ganpati maurya” song come at the end when we call it “vighanharta”? Just like any other Indian, I felt that it should have been the very first or second item after the “Happy Birthday Bollywood” item.

Though Hrithik, Ranveer and Anushka saved a little bit of the grace of the occasion, it just wasn’t upto the benchmark that Bollywood has set for itself. Besides this, the act of giving an award to Anil Kapoor and Sridevi for the ’86 and ’87 Filmfare awards which didn’t happen seemed to be like promising start, but then it moved on to being no good.

I thank Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor for their wonderful “thanking” speech. You reflected the maturity that many were trying to put forth. Honestly, I am annoyed and disturbed over the showcase of these awards. The only salvation of the failed event would be if Bollywood actually plans to do something to commemorate 100 years of the silver screen. (Please do not include K-Jo’s upcoming movie dedicated to Indian Cinema. That is his individual effort). I am waiting.

I am quite accepting of the fact that SRK sir did the welcome act donning the suit of Big B. It was a wonderful gesture. And I am thankful to the whole lobby that had “Sujuki Hayate” as one of the brand sponsors. They were good gestures to include those who were missing! But I earnestly request and beg Bollywood to come forward united and in healthy spirit. Please call off your anger and resentments, and let’s give a fresh start to the whole podium. I am seriously waiting till 13th April when we celebrate the 100th birthday of our dear Bollywood. And I hope to see many more – in fact, all the missing faces at the 59th Filmfare awards. Lastly – chhota muh badi baat, sorry for that (small mouth, big words, sorry for that) – maybe, as Siddharth and Varun suggested, they might host the next Filmfare. It is not a bad idea at all. It actually would leeway a path for the decentralised Filmfare awards and would be a more welcoming change.

Image Courtesy [The Viewspaper]