5th July Bandh

About a month ago, the entire nation was shut in order to protest the price rise in essential commodities. The bandh was initiated and controlled by the BJP and its supporters. Leaders from these parties claimed that the government (Congress) was not doing enough for the aam aadmi and they decided to take it upon themselves to fight on our behalf, but how much did they really do to help us, the aam aadmi?

To begin with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) believes that for each day India is shut, the country records a loss of Rs.13, 000-crore, in other words, the bandh caused the country a loss of 13,000 crores. If that was not enough, people came on the streets to stone public transport and attack shops and other places of business where the bandh was not being observed. All this created even more losses for the country.

People refused to go out on the streets for fear of being injured and harassed. The aam aadmi found the strike more of a hindrance rather than a fight for justice. The civilized lot of the country expressed their annoyance via various news channels and other interactive forms of mass communication while the other half enjoy indulging in destructive activities.

One of the most disgraceful sights was to see people willingly being dragged to the streets by the police and actually enjoying it. It shows the degree to which our humanness is valued at in this country. The police and other officials cannot be blamed for doing what they did but it is those people on the street who humiliate their country that should be blamed for it. Having a bandh is only acceptable when people understand the significance of one.

Though the 12 hour bandh was claimed to be a success, it is hard to understand how. Prices still continue to soar high except for a few commodities and the ruling party continues to show little or no concern. There was no follow up action taken after the bandh and thus there were no real visible results.

On that “significant” day where the country went into crores of losses, representatives of the various political parties could be seen on TV arguing amongst themselves on live debates. Neither side could be said to have a logical point. Each party tried to put the other down and though they may have discussed a number of issues neither side came up with a solution or something even close to it.

The common man had phone lines ringing on almost every news network demanding an explanation for the inconvenience and the only reply ever obtained was an ironical one stating that “it was for the aam aadmi’s own good”. And while all this continued it was the ministers who remained unaffected.

To conclude, the bandh was nothing but a public holiday where a large number of people took a mini vacation. No revolution of any kind took place any people still continue to pay heavily for a simple meal while fruits, vegetables, grains and other foodstuffs continue to rot in storehouses.

Roseann Murzello

Image Source: [http://www.mynews.in/News/dailyimage/news/1278309262_Bharat_Bandh-big-1.jpg]