6 Reasons Why IOS 9 Is The Next Big Thing For Apple Lovers


Set to be released in September, 2015, IOS 9 can very well be Apple’s greatest breakthrough till date. With a myriad of new features and vast improvements in terms of its design and functions, it is safe to say that through this version of IOS-introduced by Craig Federighi in WWDC just a few days ago, Apple has really outdone itself. The innovative concepts incorporated in IOS 9 are not only constructive but extremely contemporary too.

Therefore today, I list down 7 mechanisms about IOS 9 that I absolutely adore and can’t wait to explore:

1. Apple reveals: IOS 9 makes your phones more “noteworthy”. A number of new attributes within notes have been crafted which provide a wide range of alternatives to the users. It allows them to convert their notes into checklists; sketch whatever, wherever simply by using the tip of their fingers and inserting images to make comprehensive notes.

2. The restructuring of Maps make it far handier: Through the transit views and tuning features for nearby allures, Apple maps have become ample to the needy. With detailed routes and directions, suggested examples of restaurants, malls -customized for each area; depending on them has become far easier.

3. Introducing Apple Pay: Now pay your bills via your I-device. Many people tend to forget their wallets at home on countless occasions, me included. However, with the new Apple Pay app, bills can be easily compensated. Credit cards and even membership cards are now compatible with this function, making your phone all the more user-friendly.

4. Multitasking promptly becomes doable with IOS 9: A Split view, side view and “picture in picture” format makes it more accessible for its clients. You can now use 2 apps at a time- FaceTime or watch videos alongside say, checking your mails. Allowing me to synchronizes my music while reading a book or better yet, surfing the net is my most favourite part of the update.

5. Siri rendered your life easy, now IOS 9 will make it easier: Attuned with a wider range of search options, Siri can now comprehend your commands better and exhibit the results more precisely.

6. Better Battery Performance: Over the years, one of the major complaints that have surfaced is of the inadequate battery life of Apple With IOS 9, this problem has beenrectified. It offers 1 hour more battery life than customary by refining small glitches. For example- on receiving notifications, the device can detect whether the phone upside down or not. If it is, then it doesn’t light up, thus saving battery through minor undertakings time and again.


Compatible with iPhones 4s to 6+, iPads 2 through Mini 3 and iPod Gen 5; IOS 9 is capable of being beneficial in a variety of Apple products in conjunction to the chief users being taken care of.


Meghna Gupta

Image Source: The Viewspaper