6 Things Single People Would Love To Do This Valentines Day


  1. Delhi’s Biggest Music Festival
    All the music lovers who are single this Valentine’s Day and want to go out with friends for some live fusion and Bollywood can catch India’s greatest singers like Farhan Akhtar, Leslie Lewis, Salim- Sulaiman at Maruti Suzuki Windsong Music Fest in World’s of Wonder, Noida Sector – 38. The tickets are up for grabs and you can avail 25% discount by calling 0120-6767983. So instead of sulking alone or getting bugged by the Valentine’s Day uproar, swing to some beautiful tunes and have a good time! Follow Windsong’s page on Facebook to find out more.
  2. Dance At First Sight
    Dance that’ll envelope you in the ambiance of love without the promise of breaking your heart because leaving a sight so beautiful might pinch a little. Tapaswani Nav Sadhna in association with Twirls & Thumkas – Wedding Photography, is gearing up to showcase an amazing line up of dancers that sure will blow your mind. It’s happening at Siri Fort auditorium. Find out event details here.Here’s the artist line up:
  1. Broken Haat – Pop up Valentine’s Market
    A popup design collective at AntiSocial, Delhi on 14th Feb to make the best of your day without the malarkey.
    They will be putting up an exclusive range of typewriters for you to express love the way it was meant to be expressed – LOVE NOTES! How about getting some goodies and treating yourself this Valentine’s Day! Get all the details here.
  1. Poems of Hate
    Bring Back The Poets is organizing a slam poetry gathering at Connaught Place, Outside People Tree in the Regal Building. If you’re interesting in doing something most likely not mainstream, you should definitely head here. Here’s what they have to say about their agenda for Valentine’s Day:
    “We collect on Valentines Day even as capital, patriarchy and nationalism have become more inclusive (as long as you buy what they are selling!) to reclaim this hate and to express our hatred of the cliche our loves should be. So come read or scream your hatred out, share it with us and the city, send it out into the open skies of the city for those looking out their windows for some solidarity.”
  1. SAHAS 2015
    Society giving you a headache? For dialogue that disses the silence of norms, and talks openly of mixed identity, gender issues, and inter-caste/interfaith marriages. It also delves into legalities and more. Collect at Jantar Mantar, this Valentine’s Day and beat the norm of indulging in capitalistic hedonism. Step out of the norm, for the day! Be proud single and curious. Get more information about this here.
  2. Ehsaas @ Farzi Café
    Are you from the band scene in Delhi? Get to Cyber hub and catch Ehsaas live at Farzi Café. Spend the evening swaying to some soulful tunes and eat away the night. The boring Valentine’s Day schedule is way to mainstream for you. Try a night’s date with music this time!

Henna Pande

Image Source: [http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/culture/files/2013/11/Screen-shot-2013-11-20-at-13.57.00.png]