60 Years Of Spreading Goofy’s Toothy Smile: Happy Anniversary Disneyland!


For decades since inception, Disneyland is a dream visit for people across the world. Call it the fascination of cartoons or fun rides at Disneyland; the heart is full of excitement to witness one of the most world’s sought after theme parks. Childhood memories hold a special place in one’s heart. When people think of childhood they often remember their likes and dislikes. Thinking about the past days makes one embrace the innocence with which one grew up.

When I was a child, I used to watch Jungle book on Disney Channel other than Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy with great excitement. A tinge of smile would sparkle on my face in those days. All thanks to Disney brothers for bringing their idea to reality. As a matter of fact Walt Disney gave his voice to Mickey Mouse cartoon for few years.

Disneyland celebrates the cartoon characters and even provides a resort for visitors. People can find their favourite cartoons at the theme park and be sure about the essence being kept intact. There is a chance to relive those colourful dreams and be open to countless imaginations once again.

The fantasy world opened by the graphic presentation of Alice In Wonderland is a presentation of Disney as well. It inspires a person to keep believing in endless possibilities of things that one dreams about. Every child believes in fantasies, fairies and lavish lives of Disney’s kings and queens. The difference comes when one grows up, gets mature and meets the real world. It is then that people stop fantasizing the manner they would do in childhood. This gap between childhood and adulthood is removed when one visits Disneyland.

It is filled with warmth and positivity and every step that one puts forth is a meeting with the past. Alladin used to be one of the most sought after cartoon shows in which children had their belief intact. They thought their wishes could come true with magical spells. Every child had his/her own favourite cartoon character and a particular show which would never be missed.

Cartoons enhanced the creativity of children, made them realize their talents in arts. Often, kids would love to draw a character from the shows or even come up with a new face they liked for a character. As a mathematics student Ritika Sarraf says, “Cartoons have always inspired me to create and believe in my creativity. When I had started sketching, the first sketch which I made was of Donald Duck. My brother would buy stickers of cartoons and paste them on his notebooks, whereas I drew them on the cover of my school notebooks when I was a kid. Even today I have those notebooks and my sketchbooks from my childhood with me.” Needless to say, cartoons have always been an integral part of everyone’s childhood.

Many of such cartoons which we remember while we walk down the memory lanes were brought to us by Disney. The wish  to meet the land where the dreams and fantasies started spinning is why Disneyland allures us. Founded on July 17th in the year 1955, California was gifted with Disneyland by Disney Brothers.

Viewing the popularity, Disneyland after being set up in California, was also opened in Florida as Walt Disney World. Disneyland is now in Paris, Tokyo and Honk Kong as well. In the spring of 2016, Disneyland will reach Shanghai. It’s a great treat for the fans to have such a colourful place which makes them feel at home. Many theme parks around the world are inspired by Disneyland including the famous Tomorrowland.

On the 60th anniversary of Disneyland there is a lot to cheer and celebrate; celebrate with our favourite cartoons from childhood.



Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Image Source: The Viewspaper