Saviours Of The Strays: Foot March For Our Four-Legged ‘Friends’


With a strong desire to defend the rights of the stray dogs, a group of people in Gurgaon are organizing a walk on  February 7, Sunday, to educate people against bullying of animals which is a punishable offence.

The growing insensitivity towards stray animals and particularly dogs in the cities is due to shrivelled hearts, self-centred life styles and disrespect to the environment. “People, in general, are not aware that the Constitution of India in its Article 51 A provides the right to live for animals and anyone killing or cruelly treating them will be subject to punishment.”


60 members are organizing a foot march in Sector 56 on Sunday to promote sensitivity for the stray animals. Members include children and youth too.  Lambasting the government for not making stringent law to protect the rights of the animals, former Environment Minister Maneka Gandhi said that people did not respect the existence of stray animals and were not keen to take up cudgels for them. “The domesticated animals are well kept and any injury to them caused deliberately or otherwise, attracts attention. But not for these stray ones. Nobody wants to take up their cause,” she added.

She added that, “that just because dogs can’t read or write and are not aware that the Constitution of India vide its article 51a has given them the right to live, it does not mean that the stray dogs should be ill-treated by people”.

In my opinion such a march will prove to be a new face of the animal-friendly people. The twisted notion of livelihood in India is really poor, and more similar groups should be formed in the cities for defending the poor state of animals in the country.


Stating that there was no social responsibility shown from the civic authorities in Gurgaon and Delhi; People For Animals Director, Anil Chaudhry, alleged that both the government agencies believed more in killing dogs rather than treating them well and shifting them back to the old environment.

According to Indian Penal Code (IPC), under section 458, 459, no animal can be killed or relocated by any individual or even by the government organization. This is endorsed by the Animal Welfare Board of India which also says that the local police have to follow the guidelines.

Gurgaon is upbeat about this foot march as it is time for people to behave properly with the animals and police should take action against those showing abysmal behavior to the animals.

Vishesh Sharma

The Viewspaper