7 Tips to Avoid the Freshman Fifteen

What is Freshman Fifteen?

The “Freshman Fifteen” is basically a term common in United States and Canada that refers to the pounds of weight (approximately fifteen) gained by students in their first year of college or university. The same expression is referred to as “First Year Fatties”, “Fresher Spread” or “Fresher Five” in Australia and New Zealand. When I joined college for the first time, most of our hostel’s mess meals had potatoes in them and many girls who joined with me gained around 7-8 KGs within 2-3 months of joining; they had to buy a new wardrobe before going home for the vacations.

When students leave their homes to join colleges and universities, their whole schedule – right from the eating habits to study routine, undergoes a lot of change, and if you have to leave the comforts of home and home-made food then it adds all together another dimension to the change in lifestyle. With the current trend in rapid growth of fast foods, many students experience a sudden weight gain in the initial months of joining college or university. Some of the main causes of this weight gain are increased alcohol consumption, relying only on carbohydrate rich cafeteria food and intake of loads of junk food, soda and snacks in the dormitories. Add to it, the lack of sleep, lack of exercise and stress from studies or possible date or crush (object of affection), students might lead to over-eat and gain weight.

How to avoid it?

So, now we know what is it; then how to avoid it? With loads of mind blowing meal plans and varieties available today, it might be a thigh glowing thing for you, if you don’t choose your food well. You just need to take some real smart and easy steps and you can easily follow the path of being fit and healthy:

1) Don’t skip the breakfast

Although you might be too busy or late for the morning class or swimming lesson, and skipping a breakfast could seem to be an easy option; it is the unhealthiest thing you might do the very start of your day. Even if you don’t have time to spend eating in the cafeteria, you can always pick up a box of cereal or banana. It will keep your energy up and will keep your power going until the afternoon.

2) Cereals and cereal bars can work as great mid time snack. They provide you all essential carbs and keep you filled and energized.

3) Avoid caffeine:

Although coffee seems like a perfect thing to fill your stomach and senses, your body processes the caffeine too quickly. The same thing goes for sugar too. Instead of coffee, drink water or fresh fruit/canned juice. This will keep you hydrated and energized

4) Just because everything in your plate is all you can eat, doesn’t mean that you have to eat it all:

Try to start filling your plates with salads and fill half your plate with salad or veggies. Make a fist and calculate the size of bread or carbs you should take. Ideally you should fill only two fists size of rice or bread on your plate.

5) Yogurt can be an excellent snack, but try to find the one with low fat content.

6) You can also keep dry fruits and nuts to munch on while studying.

7) Try to keep some peanut butter around. It is rich in proteins and good to taste buds too. Slap it on some toast and eat; makes a much better alternative to the buttered cheese sandwiches.

I hope these tips help you maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind. So, kick the obesity and sluggishness off and be fit and active no matter where you go.

Kimi Srivastava

The author is a Software Engineer by profession and a Beauty Blogger by hobby. Writing is her passion and she loves to share her opinions and reviews on various personal care, beauty and cosmetics products. She also loves to make sketches, write poems and play piano.