7 Unique Cafes You Haven’t Heard Of


Coffee and chit chats, catching up with friends and quick bites: we are all bored of Cafe Coffee Day, Costa Coffee, and Barista. It’s time we find something new, something interesting and something uncommon – offbeat.

So for a change, explore these unique cafes that will take you on a delightful coffee or tea experience along with a quick bite.

  • Bird Song Café – Mumbai

It is one of those places where you would like to go on a rainy day, just to enjoy the rain with some hot beverage and a quick bite. Taking a seat near the large French windows will give an exquisite view of the unconventionally beautiful Bandra of Mumbai. Hot chocolate is the best bet here. That unfinished look of a room, shabby interiors, menu written with chalk on a black board, cozy ambience; what more does one need?

So time for you to go searching for Bird Song Cafe in the narrow lanes of Bandra!

  • Kunzum Travel Café – Delhi

What I like about this café: I can spend long hours alone, work on my laptop, browse the books or admire the photographs or even chat with people coming from different parts of the country, or even the globe. The best thing about this cafe is that the customer decides how much he or she wants to pay. You don’t find food or even light snacks to gobble on here, just some beverage and cookies. Green tea, a book to read and a comfy douche bag – perfect, isn’t it?

A place definitely worth trying once. Do leave your share in the tip box if you care.

  • Zha Café – Chennai

A place where you can sit for as long as you like without being bothered by the staff: Zha Café. With each room having different themes, Zha attracts you the moment you step in. The Snakes and Ladder board interior takes you back to your childhood days and leaves you with a nostalgic feeling. It’s decent and reasonable a place; once you visit this cafe, you won’t frequent those regular cafes anymore. Old is gold at Zha. They send you postcards if you leave your address. How cool!

Head out, now.

  •  Sakley’s Mountain Café – Delhi

We all love to a certain degree the view of a mountain, don’t we? Sakley will take you back to the hills, to those days in boarding schools and remind you of the routine family trips to the mountains. Unconventional yet offbeat, is how I would simply Sakley into words. Good food and well-priced. The only thing missing is the view of a mountain.

Take a break from the heat. Go and have the mountain-ish treat!

  • Jug Mug Thela – Delhi

A typical roadside tea stall, but sanitised! How intriguing does that sound? Take a break from modern cafes. Tea maniacs and coffee lovers have gone crazy with the variety of beverages that this thela (cart) has to offer. Jug Mug Thela serves like a make-shift kitchen, where the cart is wheeled at only fancy events and big functions.

Keep a check on where the cart will be wheeled next. Let’s revive the street culture!

  • Hot Stimulating Cafe – Darjeeling

This is a roadside café with a small kitchenette. Dumplings and momos sell like hot cakes here. The view of the mountains from the cafe, hot coffee and delicious dumplings makes for a great road trip and memorable quick stopovers for long journeys.

This definitely is a great place to stop by.

  • Rainmaker’s Shack – Mumbai

Printed sarongs, psychedelic posters and crafts make up the interior of Rainmaker’s Shack. This quirky bistro is an interesting distraction along the Mumbai-Pune highway.You may find the place opened at 2 a.m. in the morning and closed at 2 p.m. in the afternoon. Odd timings are not a surprise here; still the place draws the attention of many people. This is a café for the youth, for the hippies, and for those who are open to the idea of just escaping into a different experience with friends.

Life is short! So, go give it a shot at Rainmaker’s Shack!

Valentina Telien Kom

Image Source [Google]