92, not out

It is never too late to give your career a boost, even if you are at 92. Politics is right around the corner. In the coming Tamil Nadu and Kerala elections, we will see a lot of old folks running for the umpteenth time for another seat in elections. Nothing is going to stop them from jumping on the political bandwagon; their age is not going to hold them down.

K.R Gowri aged 92, has been an MLA 12 times since 1952, and is up for another term if she wins this year. She has lost only two elections out of 14 so far. There is no stopping this woman.

In India there is an age cap on every profession, from administrative and medical services to the judicial system, there is a retirement age for all because we believe that competency levels start diminishing after a certain period of time. But certainly running a nation is so easy a job that anyone can do it, the ageing laws have no place here; the more gray hair the better.

I always wondered why politics is so cold and drab; what it lacks is not drama but a Youth’s tenacity.

The youth population of India is its biggest asset. Filled with enthusiasm and spirit no one can lead a country better than the youth of a nation. Sadly, in India the youth’s power, passion and their ingenious new age ideas are never put to use as they are shadowed behind the limping bodies of our old politicians.

Human body is not a perpetual machine. Old age goes hand in hand with experience but people above 60 also suffer from certain cognitive decline such as clarity of thought, concentration, judgment and memory decline. Old age is the onset of a number of diseases. Ageing affects both body and mind concomitantly. Old age makes the human body physically debilitated and unable to handle too much pressure and strain. There comes a significant decrease in working hours as the human body is in need of constant rest. The decision making ability takes a serious blow during ageing. The wear out of the body is visible to everyone but the wear out of mind, confidence and self esteem can only be measured over the span of time.

An automobile needs engine oil, a beautiful but worn out dress needs a stitch or two and a worn out body requires rest. The only remedy for an ageing body is retirement. Indian government has set the retirement age at 60. The politicians in their 80’s and 90’s should pass on the beacon to the deserving youth, who can lead the nation better with a perfect blend of their youthfulness and guidance from the prime politicians. It’s the responsibility of the older generation to mentor the new comers so they could be the torch bearer.

In the coming Tamil Nadu elections, the battle is whether the state would be ruled by an 86 old year old or a 63 year old. With Kerala and Tamil Nadu assembly elections in line, the seats again would be filled by a number of oldies glued to the Kursi like “Fevicol ka mazboot jod”

I would say, the young blood in politics is few and not less as few is used for something that is countable and you can literally count the handful politicians who are young and active in politics. Those who are like Rahul Gandhi, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Sachin Pilot are result of family business. The Indian politics is filled with Sexagenarian, Septuagenarian, Octogenarian and Nonagenarian. A pre requisite for being a Member of Parliament, Chief Minister and Prime Minister are as follows:

•    You should belong to an age group of 65-95.

•    You should be a proud member of a political family.

The man/woman in the Kursi is responsible for the future of millions of people, and I for one don’t want that person to be an Octogenarian.

Bhanuj Saharan

Image Source: [http://l.yimg.com/a/i/in/yearender/young_politicians_collage_a_540x326.jpg]