Terror in India’s Silicon Valley

terrorism.jpgTerrorism in India has acquired a new character. It has moved beyond the “jihad” in Kashmir and has become a “jihad” against India. Many myths regarding the nature of terror and terrorists have been broken. As the arrests of terror suspects in Bangalore suggest, it is not only the illiterate who are taking to arms but also highly qualified engineers, who are using their knowledge to help the cause of the global jihad.

The news is most unwelcome and bone-chilling. It is also a reminder that no amount of security measures can stop terrorists from spreading their venomous tentacles. The terrorists always seem to be two steps ahead of the intelligence agencies in terms of technology. In January this year, the narco-analysis of two software engineers who were arrested as terror suspects revealed shocking details of the extent of terror in India. The thick forests in Karnataka were exploited by terrorists, who used them for planning and training for terror attacks in major tourist and economic hubs of the country. Bangalore has witnessed terror earlier but it has always been a target and never a haven. The blasts in many small towns in UP and Maharashtra are an indication that terror has crept beyond the Kashmir valley and big cities.The present Home Minister is probably among the most inefficient of ministers today. The terror threat during his regime has hit an all time high; it could be argued that terror across the globe has reached a diabolic level over the years. To add to its inefficiency, the Government, at the beginning of its term scrapped the POTA which was an effective Act to tackle terrorism in the country. The Act might have encroached upon important fundamental rights, but the nature of terror is such that it cannot be tackled without these implications and after all, it is for the larger good. There is no terror-specific law, a terrorist and a murderer would be penalised under the same laws.As long as we lack a proper law to punish terrorists, India will remain a soft target for terror.

Ramya B

[Image Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/russell-higgs/195343924/ ]