Travelling Blues…

blueline.JPGDo you travel (or have ever traveled) in buses? I think most of the readers (girls especially) who traverse “saddi Dilli” in buses will relate to this article. The following scenario might seem familiar: you are standing at the bus stop waiting for your bus, mulling over the treacherous day you’ve endured, when you see a bus brake in front of you and one of the passengers spit the remnants of his paan out of the window. Some of it will stick to the bus, and “most” of it will fall on your shirt (the one you spent a fortune buying)…poor you!! You can swear all you want, but that bus isn’t coming back, and that stain will remind you of that man for life!!

Once your bus arrives (jam – packed as usual), you have to fight your way through, just to be able to climb into the bus. Being a woman, one would expect the men to be courteous enough to at least make some place for you to stand. But no sir! You will have men (old enough to be your grand fathers) leaning on you (definitely not for support) and making you feel as uncomfortable as possible! Also if you are not holding onto something, you find yourself swinging from one side of the bus to the other, much to the amusement of the men (because of whom you find yourself standing in the first place).

Lately, I have noticed (especially with the Bluelines that is), the buses don’t even properly halt when the passengers have to get off. No amount of”bhaiya rokoh” works on the drivers, who will only slow down a trifle when you need to get down. Two of my classmates hurt themselves pretty badly while trying to get off a bus. The main reason behind this hurry to drive off is that at any given point of time, two or more buses on the same route are competing with each other to haul in more passengers. In the process we are blessed with bus drivers who can give Narain Kartikeyan a run for his money, and passengers who seem visibly shaken once they get off!After all the news the Blueline have made in the recent past, one would expect to see some changes being made in the way buses operate. We have the Government rattling of several plans about devising new ways for recruiting drivers and introducing stricter laws against buses that do not comply with its norms. But I am yet to see these “plans” reach the implementation stage. The Bluelines are still claiming lives and the drivers don’t seem to display any more remorse than they did before. And what are the Traffic Police doing? Last years investigations had revealed that drivers were paying bribes to the policemen in order to be left alone by them. For those of us who have to face this ordeal daily, there is nothing left to do expect hope that Ms. Sheila Dixit and her “competent” staff gets their act together on this issue…….ASAP!

Anam Mittra

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