A Beautiful Day

My mother was busy cooking breakfast in the kitchen. It was the month of May and Shillong never looked more beautiful. The sky was a perfect cloudless blue and the birds were chirping. My brother was off to school. “Rohan, take your tiffin, and come and help me in here”, my mother called out.

I was sitting in my favourite garden spot, in the middle of the flower bed, where the butterflies were dancing. One of them was particularly pretty, an assortment of blues and whites. It looked magical. “I’m going to catch you, I know, I’ll call you Zoe!” Without thinking twice, I was off on a butterfly hunting chase. No one could outsmart me with my trusty butterfly net! But it flew away from the flowers. “Hey, come back here, you!”

Hop-skip-jump I went, but I could not catch this one. Out of the garden it flew, into the lush green forest. The trees looked like they were touching the clouds, I stared into the lit gaps. Clouds were in different shapes and sizes, there was a lion roaring proudly and a grand pirate ship sailing across the sky!

The smell of pine filled the surroundings and the monkeys jumped far above, screaming and chattering away. I laughed out loud. Zoe flew further down towards the river, where the deer drank water. Down the hill I went skipping away, my pretty pink dress flying in the wind and my red ribbon opening up. I tugged on it to let my long hair open. “There that’s better”, I thought.

The forest looked fit for fairy kings and queens. I imagined flying with them and asking them about their world. I was sure they existed and made it my goal to find their magnificent hidden kingdom one day.

Zoe was sitting on a blue hydrangea, on the river bank. I sat down on a smooth rock and pulled out the Dairy milk chocolate from my pocket. My reflection in the stream rippled when the fish jumped in and out of the clear water. Lying down on the soft grass, I closed my eyes and breathed in the fresh pure air.

When I woke up, the stars sparkled in the black sky and the insects were singing. “Oh my god! Where am i? Mama will be furious! ” But it was so dark, I could not see very well. I stumbled and fell in my hurry to rush back home. But I didn’t stop. Somehow getting down the hill was so much easier than climbing up.

When I reached the edge of the forest, the clearing was filled with flashing red lights. “What’s going on?”, I thought. I ran home. “Annie!” My mother rushed to me and embraced me lovingly. She was in tears. The policemen were sitting in the living room, apparently discussing my whereabouts. Over my mother’s frantic howls and kisses, I thought to myself, “This was the best day ever!”

Shirin Khara