A Billion Dreams

February, the month of college fests, the month of love, the month where the chilly cold withers away giving rise to youthful exuberance to the environs. But, what’s new in it….this is how February has always been…But this year…

February 2011 marks the arrival of the greatest cricketing spectacle on earth: The Cricket World Cup and this time it’s here, in India. Cricket, as we all know very well might be just a sport anywhere else in the world but here in our motherland, it’s a religion. Thus, these factors make the world cup even more colossal. This is perhaps the only adhesive that unifies
a billion people!

With a billion people come a billion dreams. With a billion dreams come a billion blessings. With a billion blessings come a billion hopes…Each of those billion hearts yearns for a victory, like the one achieved 27 years ago at Lords which transformed India from the underdogs to a cricketing power. Each of those billion hearts wants their team to perform. I once heard Sachin Tendulkar say in an interview that it is his ultimate dream to lift the world cup for India one day and he would do all he can to make that dream turn into a reality. Thus,
the God and His worshippers, both have the ultimate glory in their sight.

With the squad being recently announced, each member has his work cut out. The realization of the dream which a billion Indians have seen is on their minds. With the culmination of youth and experience, convention and innovation, this squad has got everything required to substantiate the dream. With the ever destructive Virender Sehwag, canny Zaheer Khan and the ever cool Mahendra Dhoni, India has got men who can prove their mettle against the best in the world.

Also, the emergence of Yusuf Pathan and Virat Kohli as match winners strengthens India’s prospects of conquering the world. Another element which gives this young brigade impetus is home advantage. With thousands cheering in the stadiums and millions watching it live on TV, it just couldn’t get bigger. They also want to do it for Sachin…the only accomplishment that has eluded his incredible career.

And above all they want to do it for those billion people who give away their heart and soul to cricket, for those billion fanatics for whom victory means more than a win….So guys, go out there with the support, blessings and cheers of a billion people and give India a chance to relive those special moments of 1983 all over again.

All the best team India!

Udit Bhatia

Image Source: [http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_HfEh1a3RBjc/TOu6hCSe_pI/AAAAAAAAAB4/Q4yLFRyacJ4/s400/1220887998459_Indian+cricket+fan_t.bmp]