A Breathing Weapon of Mass Destruction -Reviewing Mosquito Magnet Defender

16544.gifThere are only a few rural areas in the world where people don’t suffer from, more or less, constant onslaught of mosquitos. Finland is no exception, and as Finns prepare to leave town for their annual holiday at summer cottage, they are guaranteed to pack in heavy loads of mosquito repellent. One of the most lethal carrier of diseases worldwide, the bloodsucking insect is normally not dangerous in such temperate countries like Finland. But it still is an irritating nuisance and a source of a constant exaperating itch. This is the reason why northerners have also been looking for efficient remedies against these little flying vampires.

Typical mosquito repellents are solutions applied to the skin. The market is full of competing labels and formulas, noted for their bad smell and, except possibly the strongest types of DEET solution, their ineffectiveness. Sometimes it even feels as if the funky lotions, instead of keeping gnats away, works to attract the biting insects to feast on human blood.

Attraction is precisely the idea behind the new and alledgedly revolutionary way of mosquito control, a device called Mosquito Magnet Defender. It’s working principle reminds me of the more traditional bug zappers, in which the mosquitoes are lured into a trap. But whereas the electric zappers use ultraviolet light to attract mosquitos, and also other harmless insects, Mosquito Magnet Defender shoots around a specifically formulated gas that catches only bloodsucking insects’ attention. A formula of carbon dioxide and special Octenol Biting Insect Attractant bears resemblance to the warmth and breathing of mammals and, basically, makes the mosquitos crave for blood. When the insects close in on the device, it vacuums them into the trap.

Mosquito Magnet Defender is a device to be used outdoors, and it promises to clear an area of up to ½ acre or 2.000 m² from mosquitos. Testing the device is a stunning experience. The gnats almost seem to be lining up for their turn to get into the machine, and the gadget literally kills hundreds, if not thousands, of mosquitos in a few days. It is hard to say if Mosquito Magnet is capable of destroying the entire population of mosquitos locally, but it can assure a week at summer cottage a more pleasant and peaceful experience.