drugadd.gif A drug is any chemical that is not food and affects the body. Some drugs are given to people by doctors, as a cure for diseases. These are called prescription drugs. Some drugs are natural and can be found in some kinds of food or plants that are not a normal part of a person’s diet. Some drugs are illegal which means it is against the law to buy, sell or use them. Some drugs are legal but because they are dangerous to health, the law says that you have to be an adult to use them. Addiction is described as a chronic disorder that occurs due to a number of factors including genetic heritage, biological/pharmacological behaviors, and social environment. Addiction is classified by the repetitive use of substances and/or behaviors despite the clear evidence of the detrimental effects not only to the individual but to those surrounding the individual as well, subsequent of the substance abuse or behavior.

Changes in appetite, either an increase or decrease, changes in eating habits, unexplained sudden weight loss or gain, fatigue, staggering when walking, overall poor physical coordination, sleeplessness, awaking at abnormal times, abnormal laziness, red or teary eyes, dilated pupils, blank stares, cold or sweaty palms, shaky hands, unusual puffiness, blushing or paleness in the face, the scent of an unusual substance on the breath, body or clothing , excessive hyperactivity or being excessively talkative, development of a runny nose or a hacking cough, signs of needle marks on lower arm, leg, or feet , unusual or unexplained nausea, vomiting or unwarranted sweating, tremors , irregular heartbeat , changes in appearance, lacking care for how they look are just some of the physical warning signs of addiction.

Drug addiction is a condition where a person takes a drug compulsively, despite potential harm to themselves, or their desire to stop. Although being addicted implies dependence, it is possible to be dependent on a drug without being addicted. People who take drugs to treat diseases and disorders, which interfere with their ability to function, may experience improvement of their condition. Such persons are dependent on the drug, but are not addicted.

Addiction usually begins with a conscious choice to drink or use drugs. People often turn to alcohol or other drugs to avoid things that bother them. For teenagers, this may mean pressure from friends, stress at home, or problems at school. Teenagers also may think that drinking or using drugs will help them fit in, let them overcome their shyness at parties, or make them look older or “cooler.” Some just like the feeling of being high. In the long run, though, they end up feeling worse. The more they drink and use drugs, the more problems arise, and the harder it is to stop. Addicts cannot stop using drugs because cravings caused by drug residues which remain in the body and the Biochemical Personality caused by drugs and the lifestyle of the addict.

Some of the commonly used illegal drugs are heroin, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, inhalants. Teenagers who are exposed to alcohol or drugs at home, people who are sad and feel lonely, people who believe that they are worthless and who want to be accepted by their peers are at risk of drug addiction. Our country has laws to protect us from harm. There are laws about what can be put into food and drinks. There are laws which allow us to use some drugs for illness only, with a prescription from the doctor. There are laws which enlist drugs which can be sold without a script. It is against the law for someone to sell alcohol or tobacco products to you, unless you are 18 or older. There are laws which make the purchasing,or using of some drugs illegal. This means that a person could be fined or go to jail for being involved with illegal drugs in any way.

Drug addiction is becoming a major health problem in India. Almost 70 million cases have been recorded so far, and the number is expected mount, as it spreads to semi-urban and backward areas as well. Officials of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment said: “Drug and alcohol abuse is becoming an area of concern as this is increasing while traditional moorings, social taboos, emphasis on self-restraint and pervasive control and discipline of the joint family and community are eroding.”

Drug Rehab in India has become a must with more and individuals become chemically dependant. The problem is not just linked with young adults and teenager who have got hooked to drugs while trying to make a statement or doing it just for kicks or in need to be part of the crowd. Drug Rehab in the country is largely conducted by the government with religious organizations who have joined hands with other NGO’s to be able to reach out to a larger audience and thereby offer relief to those under the influence of drugs. Drug Rehab is all about offering supportive techniques to reduce drug dependency and bring about a change in life. India has risen to the challenge by bringing solace to numerous individuals through drug rehab. There are various Drug Rehabilitation centers/resources in India. Santulan, Aasra Parivar – Heroin Dependence Treatment in Tihar Prison, D.A.I.R.R.C., Muktangan, Society for The Promotion Of Youth & Masses, St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Center & Relief Services are some of them. It’s high time we as a society along with our government work to bring home the undesirable nature and affects of drug abuse. It will take sheer insanity on the part of someone to continue to take drugs after they understand its true nature.

Aastha khurana