A Classic Pick


Books That Still Hold A Value

It’s 2014. Everything’s digital. Ordering food, staying in touch, talking to friends even buying presents—the internet can do all. Reading books online is also of the many things that come with being a part of the digital generation. But here’s the thing: I love reading a book that I can hold in my hand. Regardless, with summer vacations around the corner, maybe you could try your hand at a reading bucket list.

Believe it or not, here’s the secret that no one tells you: Being intelligent pays off.

So whether you decide to scroll through pages or flip them old school style, here are some classics that you should get to right away. They’re classics for a reason, so trust the term and jump right in.

Pride And Prejudice


Everyone’s heard of this great story. Mr. Darcy and Ms. Bennet, we all know what happens thanks to the uncountable movies based on the novel (a Bollywood one included), but nothing matches the beauty of the story and narrative that the author weaves for you. It’s a masterpiece by Jane Austen, so if you haven’t already read it, make sure this is the first one you cross off on your list. You wont regret it!

Little Women


Another classic, this one is definitely a book that you girls will like. With a movie to its name as well, Little Women is one of those novels that almost every mom gifts to her young daughter. Touching, relatable and unforgettable, this is definitely a keepsake.

Jane Eyre


Mystery, romance, gothic references, magic and a male lead to die for, Jane Eyre is one of those books you have to read. While Jane’s character makes you admire her and at times pity her naivety, Mr. Rochester’s character is the 18th century bad boy that every girl falls in love with. There are twists and turns and story line that keeps you hooked right till the end. It’s everything that a novel can and should offer at its best. “Classic” is rightly put.

Great Expectations


I know that when you think of Dickens, David Copperfield is what comes to your mind, but believe me, Great Expectations is definitely one of Dickens’ best works. Full of imagery and realism, Great Expectations though long projects a maturity that Dickens’ other works don’t quite manage to encompass. Its length does not take away from the interest that the book spurs in the reader right from page one. After all, Pip is a memorable character and the story is worth the long read.

Moby Dick


Everyone remembers the story of Moby Dick as a kid. But give the book a read now and it’ll bring forth a whole new experience. It’s a classic for a reason, the book never loses its charm no matter what the age of the person reading it. Go back to the good ol’ days and pick this one up, reading it from an adult’s perspective is quite fulfilling.

Considering you’re not going to read 20 books at once, here’s just the first list of books that you should get on your bucket list. Get right to these and before you know, there’ll be another list to get your hands on. Happy reading!

Aishwarya Dravid

Image Source [http://www.massillonlibrary.org/sites/default/files/images//pride-and-prejudice.jpg]