A Curt Nod

A familiar head
lay in my lap
on sultry afternoons,
on rainy nights
and on an occasional
dawn and dusk

A familiar head
my fingers have stroked,
my lips have seized,
and my eyes have scanned
trying hard to read
every thought that bloomed within.

A familiar head
that would disappear
from my sight
once in a while
only to resurface
in shimmering ecstasy.

A familiar head
that touched the floor
in a prayer or two
seeking forgiveness,
demanding togetherness
and wishing for world peace.

That familiar head
turned up today,
sporting an unfamiliar hat,
at the coffee house
and did me the honor
of a curt nod.

Sneha A

Almost twenty years old, this IIT-M student is not pursuing engineering strangely! She is doing Humanities happily! Yes, it exists! She loves Poetry, Ghazals, Books, especially Non-fiction. An absolute Foody, cellphone is her weakness!