A day out with an HP laptop

Technological advancement these days is not about going on a blind rampage for exploring and developing new, low utility, trivial devices but innovating and designing useful, in-demand, ‘need of the hour’ products and services. With the increased amount of electronic gadgets controlling and comforting our lives, we have emerged from the era where we used to be passive receivers of goods and services. Instead the more customized that our day-to-day activities have become, the more specific and particular our needs and requirements have turned out to be.

The IT industry has revamped itself along with the steady growth of the world economies and has helped in developing some real-life solutions of the limitations that existed before. It has networked the globe, provided access to any remote place/information, invented solutions like eCommerce, and honored us by gifting us with the ‘power of the mouse’ and reducing the barriers to a click of a button whether we be at home, office or out on the streets. A major landmark was the discovery of portable, lightweight, movable machines termed ‘laptops’ because of their ease of operation while keeping them on our laps. And now once again the continuously evolving human requirements wished for some machine that could elongate their hours of working while on move and in the absence of charging. In short, that could provide a longer and dedicated battery life thus releasing businessmen, professionals, students and others from the inconvenience caused due to battery lapse and sudden data loss obstructing many vital tasks.

But Hewlett Packard (HP) claims to have designed an efficient and powerful machine to counter such problems by achieving a mobile-computing milestone by getting its EliteBook 6930p to operate continuously for 24 hours on a single battery charge. The machine’s high-end components, include Intel solid-state drives (SSDs), a mercury-free LED display, and an optional, ultra-capacity battery. It is because of these components that the 24 hour battery sustains as it reduces power consumption. Illumi-Lite LED display, by itself, increases battery run-time by almost four hours as against traditional LCD displays(which last for around 2-3 hours). Apart from this Intel SSD helps increase the battery life up to seven percent compared to traditional hard drives. The Intel SSD’s which are new launches in themselves operate on power-saving NAND flash memory rather than a rotating magnetic disk to store information. Also its ultra-capacity battery lasts about 10 hours longer than the regular-capacity one thus providing a stronger thrust and reliability to this machine. Further, rather intriguingly this laptop will be running Microsoft Windows XP operating system, and not the newer Vista because of it being heavy and a greater power hog although some of its flashy, power-draining features such as the translucent Aero windows feature can be turned off.

It has been hailed as an exciting business laptop because of its lengthened support in terms of hours which ensures that it stays up and awake until your day’s work concludes. This is a great step towards realizing a world where technology helps provide solutions to the existing problems and demands of the consumers.

Ishant arora

[Image Source: http://www.infosyncworld.net/resources/products/hp/hp_elitebook_6930p_p00.jpg]