A Decade Later #1


A decade has passed since my last meeting with Priya. While there is a lot of gossip to catch up on, there are a lot many things to share and discuss. All decked up for the long awaited reunion, I am waiting for Priya as my thoughts go back to the day I first met her.

Having recently shifted to the city, it was my first day at school. And if the awkwardness that comes with being a newbie wasn’t enough, I managed to embarrass myself further by walking in late to class. Thankfully, there was a seat vacant in the front row.  As I sat figuring out the day’s timetable Priya walked up to me with a bunch of girls following her; I could almost picture my favourite Gossip Girl character Blaire walking towards me.

Good in studies and sports, Priya had all the characteristics of “Ms. Popular”. And frankly that was one of the reasons that drew me towards her. I mean who doesn’t want to be a part of the popular “gang”. Sure like all friends even we had our differences but they were all resolved with time, and soon we became the best of friends. Sharing secrets and bitching was a part of our daily routine at least till Priya switched schools. And with that came the changing priorities and a distance. While we were still in touch with each other, it wasn’t the same anymore. Then one day my phone rang.

“Hi is this Shruz?”

By the way my name is Shruti, and as you can see my friends call me Shruz…

“This is Priya,” said the person on the other side.

So here I am waiting all set to relive the memories and renew our bond of friendship. The last image that I have of Priya is of her being her usual confident bossy self. But the girl walking towards me isn’t that person. Even with the excitement and wide smile on her face, Priya’s drooping shoulders and eyes aren’t able to hide her real feelings.

Ten years really is a long time I wondered.


A Viewspaper Fan

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