A Decade Later #4


Priya meets Rahul, the man who changes her life to the extent that she can’t live a day without him. But everything that’s sweet isn’t nice.


Priya was fully aware that the way Rahul was treating her wasn’t right. In fact she did text me a couple of times to share how helpless she felt about her situation. But the problem was that she never took me seriously. Often times she would agree with what I said, but never implement any of it. It was as if she liked being in that situation; complaining and cribbing about life and not doing anything to change it.

She started her day arguing with Rahul and ended by crying and complaining about him. Every time I asked her how long it was to last, all she said was that she loves him. But doesn’t love also mean respecting your beloved and his or her choices? When I realized that nothing would come out of spending hours on the phone, counseling Priya, I left things to her and God.

However, things became complicated when Priya and Rahul started work. While Priya was placed in a reputed company in Chennai, Rahul got a job in Bangalore.

Long distance relationship? Will it work? How will we manage?

These are some obvious questions that will come in anybody’s mind. Surprisingly it was Rahul who said, “Babe, I will make it work or rather I want to make it work. I love you Priya.”

When Priya told me about this, I was not only shocked but happy.  Having grown up with more guy friends than girls, I had realised one thing—no guy wants a long distance relationship. Rahul turned out to be one exception, and if he really wanted to make this relation work, it meant that he loved Priya with all his heart. It is then that I realized that I was wrong about Rahul, and he indeed was guy for her.

Fortunately, after long and deep discussion, even Priya was convinced that everything will be fine. Besides, Rahul would be coming back home every alternate weekend to spend time with her and his own family. And once in a while Priya could go down to Bangalore. Everything was sorted, and soon Rahul departed for Bangalore.

He kept his word, after settling down at work he made sure he came home at least twice a month, until a couple of months later…

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