A Different World

She was standing on a bridge, watching the sun go into the water

A sight she usually cherished while watching it in the company of Peter

Where had he gone?

She had loved him with all her heart, now she felt torn

They had played, they had cuddled, he had taught her things

A tear dropped into the water, forming rings

Her past life flashed through her head,

Her brow furrowed as she contemplated the hard times ahead

What would she do?

She hoped to wake up from a nightmare to find this was all untrue

She wandered through the city, feeling empty inside

Feeling confused, dejected, lacking the usual spring in her stride

She thought about the time they first met

A memory she could never forget

But the question still haunted her – why had he left her?

They had been no signs of things turning bitter

She continued to walk around sadly

She was startled by the sound of a car honking madly

She turned around and saw that familiar face

She couldn’t believe it, her heart began to race

He ran towards her, tears in his eyes

There was absolutely no hint of that he did despise

She bounded towards him and knocked him down

He was hurt but bore no frown

“Xena”, he said, “Where have you been?

“I rushed home from the airport and you were nowhere to be seen”.

It was then it hit her, he had merely gone on holiday

How had she her let mind go astray?

And just like that, she felt no pain

There they were, dog and owner, together again.

Gulika Reddy