A Divine Trip to Dalhousie

DalhousieNestled amidst the mighty Himalayas, in the Chamba and the Pangi valleys, lies a beautiful, pristine hill-station, which takes your breath away at the very first sight. It is an ideal weekend getaway for the tired and the stressed soul, away from the hustle-bustle and traffic jams of the city.

It was a college department trip to the hills, a much-awaited relief from the burden of studies that had engulfed all of us in the very first term. We stayed in a youth hostel, which had its share of strict rules and regulations; nevertheless it was lots of fun. With all of us sitting up till late in the dormitories, chatting, and getting to know the first years, it was a great experience. We all did a lot of sightseeing together and have many memorable moments that will be cherished by us for life.

A stone throw away from Dalhousie, lays a much visited tourist spot, Panchpula, which is famous for its waterfall. It’s ideal for those looking for a nice picnic amongst the nature and vibrant chirruping birds that raise your spirit manifold.

A half an hour bus ride away from the hill station and a 3 km trek into the beautiful forest region of Garhwal, lies Kalatop. As the name suggests, it lies on top of a hill, and is covered with clouds and mist throughout the year. From there another 12 km trek into the dense forests (that took us approximately 5-6 hrs). From kalatop we finally moved into the most magnificent and beautiful meadows. Khajjair, often referred to as the ’mini Switzerland’ by the locals, is a place which has to be seen to be believed! Surrounded by pine forests on all four sides, the lush green meadows presented one of the prettiest pictures that ooze out all tension and stress and relax you even after a five hour long trek!

Besides scenic beauty, Dalhousie has great deals to offer to the shopaholics too!

There is a Tibetan market, which offers great accessories, woolens, stoles, momos, etc. without burning a hole in your pocket!

Though there are a lot of food outlets offering north Indian food, it is not very hygienic. Gandhi chowk and Subash chowk, the eminent market places have a wide variety of garnishing to offer. The town thus is a lovely mix for all kinds of tourists and has something to offer to everyone.

Despite all these, the stunning town is being marred by uncontained development as is evident through the waste plastics and garbage that can be seen at quite a few places. One of the prominent reasons is the excessive tourist crowd that this tiny hill station sees every year. However, taking in account the popularity of this pristine place, it’s the responsibility of the tourists and the government of Himachal to ensure that the beauty remains untouched and immaculate.

How to get there: take a train from the old Delhi railway station to Pathankot. From there, Dalhousie is a 3 hours bus-ride.

Charges per head: Rs. 1600.

Surbhi Bhatia