A Dream not true….

The tea stall vendors are screaming. Every now and then there is a hush and rush among passengers. It is half past nine and Rohan is deep in his thoughts. The only voice that is audible is that of the lady announcing times of the arrival and departure of the trains.

Once again the announcement, “Pay your kind attention please. Train no. 2345 via Delhi to Kanpur, Kalka mail is running late by 2 hours. We are sorry for the inconvenience”. The announcement disturbed Rohan’s thoughts and made him look around his bench. He smiled, at his fate. This was not the place where he wanted to be today. After a few minutes of glancing around the platform he was back to his memory lane.

Rohan, a tall handsome guy of 17 had just passed his intermediate with flying colors that year. Mostly youth of his age aspire for medical, engineering or commercial fields. But this young chap wanted to make his career in cricket. He had been playing cricket since the age of six and always dreamt to be in Team India. His parents had proved to be the backbone for his aspirations. He wanted to be the best player of his team and with consistent hard work he became the rising star of the under-19 team of Uttar Pradesh. He got to know every possible tactic of cricket at an early age. One more match and he would have become the star. Rather than being excited, he was confident of his performance.

All these thoughts of his performance randomly rushed in Rohan’s mind.

He had given an outstanding performance in each and every match. Everyone, from his team mates to his coach, praised his skills. Today was the much awaited day for him. He had a dream of playing for the Ranji trophy. Rohan got the opportunity to be a part of it. He was selected in the team. But instead of being on ground and playing he was at the station preparing to return home. Everything changed on the last day. One blow and everything was at a halt. He did not expect this. Rohan played all his test matches well and was ready to play and win the Ranji trophy: the trophy which would give him a break into other leading matches and will lead him towards his dream.

Last day all the team members underwent a medical check up and so did Rohan. Every one passed the test except Rohan. To his utter despair he was declared unfit as medical check up showed that he had an injury on his shoulders. He was debarred from playing today’s match. No one could come to his rescue. None of his team members wanted him to go as he was the best player in team and was the right hand of the captain.

He did not wish to stay and watch the match. So he was leaving back for his home. Pessimistic thoughts took over his mind. He cursed his fate. He cursed himself.

Once again the announcement, but to his relief it said, “The train will be arriving shortly”. He glanced at his luggage and the platform again and got ready for the train’s arrival.

Sara Khan