A fictional story with a moral

Journey of Reva

“There are a few things you need to know before we start.” The fairy lord’s instruction echoed in Reva’s mind. “First and foremost, you cannot inhabit the earth in your real form. The people there do not accept curiosities easily.

And you will be a treasure to them – a treasure not to preserve or behold – but to experiment, to sell, to kill. You will  be tortured till they unravel your mystery. So you must learn to hide your true form.

You will reside on Earth in the human form of a girl. Also, you need to know that your magic will not work at its full potential. You need soil and air to create your magic,m but everything in that planet is contaminated.

We have not sent anyone until now to Earth, so we are not sure how much magic you will be able to sustain there but I believe it will be sufficient to help you to convert to your real form and traverse the earth.

Take this stone, whenever you feel too weak or threatened; focus your magic on this stone. It will open the portal to ’Labyrinth’ and you will be able to return back to your real form.”

Reva was baffled then. Reva was a white female unicorn of the Labyrinth. She belonged to the most magical species of Labyrinth; above all the dragons, wizards, fairies; they were the favourites of the fairy Lord.

The white unicorns were all goodness – beautiful to behold, kind, compassionate, loving and spilling the seeds of the happiness.

They never hurt anyone and were free from all vice. Perhaps that was the reason for their strong magic. She was unable to understand then why would someone torture her? That too, when she would be inhabiting earth for its betterment?

Now, in the confines of this house she knew what he meant. She felt trapped here. She was lost in this urban jungle. Her magic originated from soil.

However here, there was not even a hint of soil. She could see acres and acres but pure soil was just a dream. She could use the stone to release herself from this misery but she resisted the urge. She had a mission to fulfill.

She was sent on this earth to restore the faith in magic. She might not be capable of influencing the millions but she can affect these people’s belief.

Her reverie was broken by squeals of children “Can we see Labyrinth? Is it here? Is it like Hogwarts? Do we need to go to platform 9/4 to reach there?”

She was in this hospital for children, living here with a nurse. Regularly, she tried in vain to give hope of magic to these children and their parents.

She was telling the story of Labyrinth to these teenagers. But they were as cynical as their parents. They were not ready to believe anything she said. They considered her a partly insane patient.

Her strength was waning. She needs to get in touch with her original self for survival.
She replied to them, “No, Labyrinth is not like Hogwarts. It is here, yet it is not here. It is not for some people. It is for everyone out there in the world.

You just need to accept magic to recognize the portal to LabyrinthLabyrinth is a world in all of us where we shine. Labyrinth has been there for zeniths of time and will be there till the end of time itself.”

“But there is no magic on earth. I don’t see the magical objects and wands. I do not see speaking animals or flying dragons. Then how can I accept magic?” someone piped in.

She laughed at their distrust, “There is magic all around you. You are just unable to appreciate it. All of you have seen sunrise and sunset. Don’t you find it magical – the regular transition from daylight to pitch black nights?”

“But that is because of rotation and revolution of earth.” another child said.

“You are right. But what causes this? Magic can take thousand forms. See the burst of color in the garden. Isn’t it magic?  Have you seen stars – how they change every night? Just think how a small seed is capable of encapsulating a whole tree?

The magic is not in the wand but in everything you see here but you have disguised it in logic. Open your eyes and feel that magic.

The language of magic is felt with the senses not with the logic. It is there in the air that blows the heavy objects in the form of a tornado. It is there in water, which can be both gentle and evil. It is in you, me, all of us – we just need to recognize it.”

But she knew she was talking to a stone wall. She needed to show them their kind of magic to make them believe. Probably, that would help them develop their trust.

Her decision was made. She took the stone out of her pouch.

“I will show you then your brand of magic – Harry Potter’s magic.”
Suddenly the air all around her started pulsating. There was tremendous energy in the air but no one was able to identify its source.

Suddenly there was a burst of white light and she transformed into a white unicorn of unmatched glory.

Children were afraid and attracted at the same time. And[D4]  then she said, “Behold this magic. I am Reva from Labyrinth. See me today and let this be a morning for your faith. Let your hopes be restored.

I have told you many times about me, but you chose not to believe me. But now, you will believe me. You may try to pass me on as a hallucination in your old age, but you will carry in yourselves a fleeting memory, a fleeting love and a fleeting innocence of this magic.

I will traverse the earth every night. You may or may not see me; you may or may not believe in me but, I will be there, hoping for you to accept the magic and discover the Labyrinth. Behold my magic.”

With this pronouncement, there was another burst of light and no trace of her was left.

Even today, the white Reva flies over the earth at night, skimming over planes, mountains, seas, rivers. The people who see her in her glory try to keep her as a memory, as a dream or as a hallucination, but she is there in their hearts.

They wonder and the seed of faith is sown in their heart. Someday, this seed will again grow into the tree of faith and the purpose of Reva on earth will be fulfilled.

Laxmi Chandra