Terror Strikes Delhi Again

“There’s a bomb in the buses, bikes, roads; Inside the markets, your shops, your clothes…” The Mehrauli bomb blast in New Delhi claimed an innocent life and left around 23 injured; searing through as a rude shock for the Delhi police, which still remains vulnerable to such terror attacks. The horror of this attack is felt by its daring and timely nature. If this is, as some claim, a retaliatory attack by some module of the Indian Mujahideen (IM), the action is impeccable. The Delhi Police is anyway struggling to trace the tracks of a major terror labyrinth, what better way to distract their motives?

The attack might not have claimed as many lives as the previous ‘Black Saturdays’ Delhi has encountered, but it has succeeded in its unwavering message of ‘Dare not mess with us’. Either this is a gimmick, by some outfit, which believes that the time is right to get away with anything; all eyes would invariably be at IM or a mock attack on the blind kicking that our agencies are involved in. In any case, this has to be treated as a symbolic blast- serving much as a reminder than a shock.

The question thus arises- are we then to say, that the state doesn’t have enough technology and manpower to tap every street in the National Capital? Is this the shortcoming one deserves to admit for living in the capital of a country? Delhi has been caught unawares at many occasions. Each time promises a tighter check on the next. The prevention is practiced by further insinuating security measures in areas already affected. Do we take the numerous ‘masterminds’ to be fools to come crashing predictably? Agreed, the public as well the state government did what it could to combat any further attacks. But the blast near a flower market in an area nurturing lower middle class shoppers is something which I’m sure even experts would have forgone consideration of. This is precisely why terrorists are called what they are- they prick your know-it-all bubble and put your guarding shields to shame.

Two bikers are at large, in a ‘blast-and-run’ scenario. The Gruesome killing of a boy is being splashed over news channels- watching these reports makes one feel as though the responsibility of children must be taken by people like us, who happen to form pillars of our nation. What role are we playing if we can’t safeguard the innocence of a 13 year old-, who he lost his life for being one of those who stand up for principles like honesty? Surely, principles are being questioned, our attitude is being mocked. To sit here and provide a perspective is hardly rewarding, unless it invokes a sense of ethical responsibility among all of us to stand up for what is much needed.

What we need is awareness. We need discretion. If our anger isn’t channelised into plea for reformation, it will result in the catastrophe of letting terrorists have their way. The blasts all over the country are aimed at reactions. The discretion is ours- whether to play a blame game, be instigated by their oblique taunts at our system’s incompetence or divert our attention to the roots of the problem in hope to derive productive conclusions. This is a long drawn battle; one has to win it over at a level much beyond the mere physicality of terrorism.

Ankita Kanwar

[Image source:http://static.ibnlive.com/pix/sitepix/09_2008/blastinmehrauli_248.jpg]