A Gala Opening to the Olympics!

The opening ceremony of The Ultimate Games-Olympics was a highly spectacular event which had the perfect blend of technology and glimpses from 5000years old cultural heritage of China. 91,000 people at Bird’s Nest, the National Stadium and the 4 billion television viewers surely had a treat they would not forget for many years to come.



The 2008 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of the XXIX Olympiad were attended by scores of leaders from across the globe. As a custom the first team to march in athletes’ parade was Greece, the birth place of Olympics while the last was the host china. Chinese team was lead by star basketball player, Yao Ming while the Indian front was lead by ace shooter, Rajvardhan Singh Rathore. Apart from the 14000 odd performers, the Chinese school children stole the show with their wonderful performances. “Hosting the Olympic Games has been a century-old dream for the Chinese nation,” said Liu Qi, president of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. And this dream has undoubtedly been given a dreamlike surreal opening



The Chinese government has promoted the games to highlight China’s emergence on the world stage and has invested heavily in new facilities and transportation systems. A total of 37 venues will be used to host the events including 12 newly constructed venues. The opening ceremony defied all the bygone notions about poverty or economic problems in China. In fact, it signalled China’s ascent from poverty and isolation to a place at the summit of the global community. It now has the world’s fourth-largest economy. Even though the country is the highest populated one in the world, but with immense perseverance this drawback seems to have been overcome in a superb fashion. It’s commendable that China even after a devastating earthquake is on the way to successfully hold a mega event. There were many doubts raised after this earthquake, but the nation has overcome the calamity and now Beijing and China are fully ready to give in their best to the event and they are sure to get great benefits from it too.



Historically, India is the strongest nation in men’s Olympic hockey, winning 11 medals between 1928 and 1980, including a record eight gold medals, and the sport has dominated the country’s Olympic successes over the years. It had an exclusive hold on Olympic hockey tournaments between the 1928 Games in Amsterdam, Netherlands and the 1956 Games in Melbourne, Australia, winning a remarkable six consecutive gold medals and remaining undefeated in 30 matches during this golden period. In recent times, however, India has not done so well and hasn’t won another hockey medal since taking gold at the 1980 Games in Moscow, Soviet Union. Compounding the decline, India’s men missed qualification for the 2008 Games, the first time it had failed to do so in 88 years. According to sports analysts, India this time stands a fair chance in tennis with the Paes-Bhupati duo coming together. Apart from this, all of us can hope to get medals in shooting and elsewhere too.



The hopes for the event are already soaring high. For sports persons, Olympics is the time they wait for with highest amount of fervour and zeal to show their talents. It’s undoubtedly the biggest of all multi-sports events. It will also be the most expensive in Olympic history, with media speculating that as much as $100 million have been invested. But, it’s the Olympics spirit that makes the event so big. The event’s theme slogan “One World One Dream” conveys a subtle yet profound message. It expresses the common wishes of the people all over the globe, which seeks for the ideal of mankind for peace. Since, it’s been initiated with such a tender thought, a collective effort should be made from the sportspersons, organizers, media and spectators to make sure that the spirit of sports and that of Olympics are the true winners!


Srishti Gupta

[Image courtesy: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/ce/Beijing_4th_Olympic_Cultural_Festival_Closing_Ceremony_11.jpg]