A Global Leader Lost His Comportment And The World Went Berserk


The unusually suave and composed chieftain of Canada, lost his composure in the Parliament on May 18, while trying to grab a legislator and drag him to his seat. The Canadian Prime Minister walked up to a gaggle of MPs and accidentally shoved a woman with his elbow. Parliamentarian Ruth Ellen Brosseau said it was painful as she was hurt in the breast.

The infamous fracas – that is now being ridiculed as the “elbow gate” – brought Trudeau under the scanner after a footage showing Brosseau wincing in pain surfaced online. According to news reports, the impatient PM saw through the opposition’s tactics of stalling a vote, and marched up to the state of affairs. In the fracas, he unintentionally elbowed a legislator and apologised publicly and in the House of Commons the following day. And this is what he wrote on social media platforms:

My intervention in the House yesterday was not appropriate, and shouldn’t have happened. I apologize to my colleagues, to the House as a whole, and to you, Mr. Speaker, for failing to live up to a higher standard of behaviour. The Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs will review the incident, and I am fully prepared to accept its decision. Members rightfully expect better behaviour from anyone in this House. I expect better of myself.”

Trudeau’s supporters and other Canadians attacked Brosseau for blowing the accidental episode out of proportion. She has since been ridiculed and scoffed at for her ‘dramatic meltdown’. The tearful parliamentarian told the Canadian Press said she has received numerous phone calls from people who have asked her to step down, apologise and feel ashamed.

The feminist Prime Minister who promotes equality and diversity, showed a side of himself that Canadians had never seen before. For a country that promotes empowerment and creates exemplary global leaders, the elbow gate was shocking. That their beloved PM lost his temper and hurt a woman was upsetting, but does this matter deserve the amount of attention it has gathered? Certainly not.

I am writing this from a country where earnest and unreserved apologies from politicians are unheard of. Instead, some barefacedly endorse rape culture because ladko se galti ho jaana is normal. Forget being respectful, some of our parliamentarians hold bizarre opinions about their peers. They say, women entering the Parliament is not a good idea, because they are likely to face harassment outside. What on earth is elbow shoving? Our MPs wrestle each other away every time.


Trudeau is a gentleman; we have always maintained. He apologised effortlessly, just like how he has every time he erred – and even when he didn’t. The fracas was inadvertent and the world must move ahead.