A Hacker Met An Imposter Online And All Hell Broke Loose


The scuttlebutts have it that the Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut spat has officially hit the lowest it ever could. We were not paying it any attention, because it did not deserve any, until today. But now, their personal lives have been ripped open like a festering gash.

Though she denies it, Kangana Ranaut’s outbox shows a series of emails that she had sent to Hrithik Roshan, who denies having received any of them – tortuous much? Apparently, the mails were sent to an imposter, who had been pretending to be Roshan junior all along.

The reason the case has suddenly fuelled so much attention is because the intimate mails are in the public domain. We do not know if Ranaut is actually the sender (she has been denying her involvement all along) and Hrithik the receiver. The investigating agencies are figuring out the notorious involvement of a hacker and an imposter.

What is worrisome is the fact that the emails – some of them extremely private and sensitive – have been shared with the world and are for everyone to see. While Kangana has been unfailingly blaming Hrithik for the fiasco, the latter issued an official statement saying, “Anything private that becomes public gives rise to speculation and unnecessary controversies simply because the general public are not privy to the whole truth. Out of respect for everyone involved, I followed the legal path to resolve the matter in question so as to keep it private. It was a breach of ethics to reveal the contents of a private legal notice. Dignified silence is dignified up to a point, but there comes a time when the silence needs to be broken to protect one’s name, family and image.”


“The crux of the matter is that the mail id [email protected] does NOT belong to me. I had filed a complaint in this regard with Mumbai Cyber Crime cell on 12 December, 2014 when I learnt of this impersonator communicating with said person. I have absolutely NO CONNECTION with this ID. The entire issue stems from a case of identity theft which has carried over to me. My complaint was reactivated on March 5, 2016 and the crime unit has made headway in tracking this person down. Once that is done, the matter can be laid to rest,” he said. (Source: The Indian Express)

The conversations have given gossip mongers a lot of fodder to chew on.

Bollywood is a cracked circus and everyone wants a piece of it. The fact that Ranaut and Roshan are public figures, gives people the temerity to be invasive of their personal lives. Nobody was privy to these conversations (if they did happen between the superstars), but everybody is talking about it because the media thought it was scandalizing enough to grab eyeballs.

It is abysmal that people are gnawing on the thickset details of their lives because they are celebrities. There is a fine line between journalism and sensationalism. The former knows when to pull the harness and latter knows only to nibble on the juicy details of a contentious story.

In the wake of all the mails that were leaked/made available to the public, we request people to exercise caution when deciding what kind of news to consume. Celebrities are the easiest targets; let us not board the shame-wagon ourselves.

Prerna Mittra

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