A Little Bit Stronger


If I am not wrong,
I’ve never written poetry,
But here’s my throng,
And it surely isn’t my folly.

It’s about a girl, whose life was merry,
Friends and parents who were amazing,
They loved her very dearly.
And then came a boy who was quite interesting.

She loved him without a doubt,
That his romantic smile,
She couldn’t live without,
For him, she could go a hundred miles.

The talks did start,
And they became the best of friends,
She knew anything more than that and she’d gift her heart,
Alas! Love turned into a fiend.

She considered him a treasure,
And loved him like she was hypnotized,
Love which couldn’t be measured,
Nor be fantasized.

Then came curiosity,
The inherent trait of humans,
Did he love her generously?
Or was she aiming for a layman?

Discomfort surfaced,
After some months which were hot,
They met and announced,
What they had thought.

Truth prevailed,
And he left her there.
Oh she did wail,
Like a shriveled pear.

She felt used,
And did she dare,
To sort the news,
But she did not well-fare.

Even though she was so close,
He was far apart,
Who’d been with her through all highs and lows,
Who cracked her up and broke her heart.

One fine day,
He made it up to her,
Only to play,
With feelings which were pure.

This hurt her like never before,
Though she did not show,
She thought of suicide and gore,
When alone, though, tears did overflow.

And love once gone foul,
Is hard to mend,
He murdered her soul,
She found it hard to fend.

She didn’t know if it was,
The work of destiny,
Or maybe some loss,
By the way of fate’s mutiny.

People talked much,
About their need of a break,
Was her love wrong as such?
Or did she turn into a joke off late?

She knew she’d lost him forever,
But a tiny ray of hope did spark,
She could not forget him however,
And that killed her like a shot lark.

Now that she’s been all through,
She does shed a tear or two,
Remembering her past,
With a hurt expression that would last.

This poetry is for her to know,
That even though she’s broken,
It is time for her show to continue a bit longer,
And let inform everyone that it’s only made her stronger.

Asim Athar

Image Source [http://lh6.ggpht.com/-9wKzuMnCUZI/T2DbcX3g-jI/AAAAAAAAHE0/e9hIzJ97zS4/s1600/Boy_and_girl_holding_hands%25255B8%25255D.jpg]