A Little Bit Stronger


To break the usual trend of my blog, today I have a story.
It isn’t a comedy, neither a thriller, and it’s definitely not gory.
But forgive me for I can’t write poems, I hardly have the skill;
This time I have something to share, so I definitely will.

It’s about a teenage girl whose life was absolutely merry,
She had friends and parents who were amazing, they loved her very dearly.
And then a boy swept her off her feet, she loved him without doubt,
He was tall and fair and she realized that, his smile—she couldn’t live without.

They talked a lot and soon enough, he became her greatest friend,
She knew that something more than that would meet a tragic end.
Months went by and eventually her feet were off the ground
She considered him a treasure that she was lucky to have found.

But she wondered every single day, whether that was her fate
She loved him more than she ever had, but did he reciprocate?
She knew that she would lose him if she didn’t say it now,
She knew that she should go and tell him, but the question was, how?

The silence that was between the two, slowly began to kill her
But what happened in the next few months, only made her stronger.

Then one bright April morning, they both had something to say—
They told each other what they truly felt, in the best possible way.
Though they never spoke in school, she wouldn’t find another
He was there for her through thick and thin, she knew they had each other.

Even though the seasons changed, monsoon came; after all
She knew that she had found her summer in spring, winter and fall.
But one day things came crumbling down, he told her it was fake,
That what they had was nothing great, the joke was fun to make.

He broke her heart and left her there, to mend the pieces alone;
She wondered what had happened to him, had his heart turned to stone?
Because this was not the guy she knew, she had loved another boy
And now he pushed her away from him, threw her like a toy.

A month went by in the same way, he promised to be friends
It broke her heart to think that it was too late to make amends.
She was happy in a way because things were like the start,
Even though he was so close, he was terribly far apart.

Then one windy July evening, he told her he had something to say,
She waited for him to tell her what he had been waiting to say all day;
He never lied, his love was true, her heart accelerated
He had to say it for his reasons, which weren’t anticipated.

The next few months flew by that way; they were both equally happy
He said sweet things to her in a way that didn’t make it sappy.
Now she recalls that those times were her life’s best months
But she had to know that good things end, they end all at once.

One day he confessed to her that he had tried his level best,
But no matter how much he tried and tried, he had simply lost interest.
It hurt her even more than before, she gave him all she had;
And there she was, walking down that road—broken that it had ended so bad.

Some things are just not meant to be, some people don’t understand;
Whether it’s fate or destiny or the work of the Upper Hand.
She broke off all contact with him for the next three months to come;
But she was weak enough to talk to him again, blasphemy according to some.

A few days later his mood was better, he told her he must be mad
How could he say he didn’t love her when all this while he had?
Though he didn’t specify if things were back to normal,
There was a ray of hope in her, but she kept it very formal.

One day she spoke to him about it, she really wanted to know;
For even after the things they do, some people are hard to let go.
But what she heard was not what she wanted, she only realized it then,
He didn’t want things to be how they were, yes she had done it again.

What did she do for this to happen? Was loving him so wrong?
Was any of it really true, the things he said all along?
She didn’t think she deserved it, to hear it again and again –
That he had changed his mind once more, he did it now and then.

And now she sheds a tear or two, recollecting old times,
She’s pining for them, crying for them, I can’t find a word that rhymes.
She’s lost him forever, she knows she has but the thought is itself  killing her,
She has to know that though she’s broken, it’s only made her stronger.

Sucheta Rao

Image Source [http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-3W-wYXZ0pVE/Tbzi-LxfH-I/AAAAAAAAEg8/3CR6dKDXe-A/s1600/girls_and_boys_holding_hands_photo-109432.jpg]