A Little Less Conversation

i-PhoneTreat to the eyes but an assault to the senses; I am talking about the wonder of the half eaten apple – THE I-PHONE.

The i-phone, I grudgingly admit, is artistically made. The black exterior with the touch screen, stirs up a lot of excitement. There are physical buttons for Home, volume, ringer silence and sleep/power off. The barely 200 gram phone is certainly a very flashy piece of technology. Now that I have your attention lets get to the gritty details.

Stop the drum roll; this is not another i-Phone fan going gaga over this gadget.

Apple has failed to capture the attention of the masses since the i-Phone lacks proper internet connectivity features. The only thing that comes close is GPRS. Calls can not be attended to while the user is logged on to the net. The absence of the mass SMS facility in this 160 dpi phone is disconcerting. The concept of personalized ring tones is another glaring omission.

The squeezing and stretching features are attractive but coupled with the ambient light it cuts the battery life by half. The i-Phone (as admitted by the apple website) will take up a charge life of only eighty percent, and it takes six hours of constant electric supply to reach that point.

The music fades in and out with a call, but unfortunately the white noise overwhelms the most powerful guitar riffs. The virtual keyboard is very exciting and might even inspire you to write biographies on Steve Jobs, but as you begin typing; the diameter of your fingers is suddenly a source of irritation since the keys are too closely placed. There is no sound on the button press, not even a faint reassuring beep. The phone unfortunately has no lyrics supporter and all your dreams of karaoke with the i-Phone just went down like the bridge on the Mississippi.

However the i-phone isn’t just a cute bundle of pain, there’s a bit of good hidden deep down- one of them being the amazing earphone clarity. Each string strummed every tap on the bass is audible. The microphone has multiple features of accepting, rejecting and diverting a call. Apple has used their trusted partner, Mac as their OS and it blends very well with the look of the phone. The web browser being used in the I-phone is Safari, is one of the best mobile phone browsers in the business and makes surfing a pleasure.

The cost of the i-Phone suddenly lightens you wallet, the phone is certainly the next generation in music players but not too impressive as a mobile phone alone. $499 for a 4 GB memory and $599 for an 8 GB piece is a little too steep.

My suggestion buy yourself a Video pod and a PDA, it would server you better!!