A Little Too Late, A Little Too Less

JustLipServiceDalits are protesting, students are committing suicides, Muslims are feeling insecure, Kashmir is in turmoil, the political situation is under a lot of stress, and we have people like Shobhaa De ridiculing our sportsperson for failing to get a medal, so, in conclusion, our country is conflicting and is deteriorating at both – for maintaining peace, and for maintaining progressive thoughts.

Amidst all this, where were our voted leaders? Touring some other country, or just maintaining the vow of silence for internal crisis?

Then opposition, BJP, was constantly ridiculing Mr. Manmohan Singh for his non-verbal attitude, however, when matters of our own country are concerned, isn’t Mr. Narendra Modi following the same route? What is the use of always being vocal when hopping from one country to another but maintaining silence over internal conflicted matters?

With recent Dalit agitation which found support from many people across the country but just couldn’t ignite the passion of nationalism or patriotism of our Prime Minister, who seemed quite vague about it. Everyone was against and ridiculing the idea of hitting, beating and assaulting of people over cows, essentially Dalit people, whose only job is to collect the carcasses of dead animals. They were harassed for something that is bestowed to them as an income-generator. They are already deteriorating, and with such acts and atrocities against them, I am sure they would have felt helpless. In such situations, the only sort of hope they find is from the leader they voted for.

After all, they all want to believe in the fantasy that they are more than just vote banks.

Well, before I start getting all sorts of backlash, Mr. Modi did empathize with such atrocities and publicly condemn the act, which is probably a first for him. He said that anyone who inflicts pain on his Dalit brothers under the pretense of cow protection or Gau Raksha is not a nationalist at all. He urged them to attack him, but not his Dalit brothers, which is saying much considering the amount of protection he is entailed with.

Urging people to not commit the act or else they will be punished would have been better and maybe impactful than the melodramatic route he took. The leader of the country is supposed to make the citizens feel safe, and make them feel important, however, something like this can’t be expected from Mr. Modi, and I am at peace with that. His comments came in late when people have already suffered, killed, or forfeited and adopted different religious choices.



He said nothing when Kanhaiya Kumar’s controversy was going on, nothing when Rohith Vemula committed suicide, nothing when pellet guns are used indiscriminately in Kashmir, nothing over the mounting insecurity of Muslims, nothing when Jat protests resulted in mass gang rapes, or nothing when the Muzzaffarnagar riots took place.

He said nothing, while he is celebrated as a great orator globally. Ironic much?

Are these the acche din we were promised? Is this the power of a leader who is busy putting India on a global platform? Are we that naïve to believe his insincerity, or we are such ardent followers that whatever Mr. Modi says has to be true and believable?

Mr. Modi and the entire BJP rode high on the bandwagon of hindutava, and the fact is not surprising that because of such saffronisation he garnered major support. He is the one who bought such vigilantes out of their zones, and gave them the entire population to ridicule and humiliate. Apparently, BJP is reeling under its own Frankenstein’s monster.

Will we see the entire BJP getting flayed under their own fire, a fire they so intentionally initiated and ignited?

Yugansha Malhotra

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