Scene1: C. Park. Tuesday 6:30 p.m.

Tick Tock Tick Tock! A blast rips through the city! Another bomb! Another Black Tuesday! It’s a scene of complete chaos. People are running helter-skelter. Cries of pain and the shrill siren breaks the sudden silence that follows a blast of this magnitude. Who knows how many are dead? How many are battling for life? The Police is not here yet, but yes, the media is. ‘How are you feeling?’ they ask? Yes, yes. They feel magnificent, I’m sure. Is professionalism more important or humanity? But who am I to ask, or question? I can only crib and complain. Oh, the Police is here. Finally!

Scene 2: L. Nagar. Thursday. 5:00 pm

Festive season is here already, but so much shopping left to do. It is going to be crowded here, but what to do? Tuesday blasts you say? What can be done? Life has to go on. Delhi’s people are very brave. It is the Police’s fault! So careless, bloody… Oh there is a huge line for this entry because of the stupid check post. Never mind. Let’s go from back there. I am not a terrorist, nothing to be scared of. I’m getting late now.

Scene 3: N. Colony Police Station

Arrey, all this is not as easy as it seems to all of you. We have a lot of pressure on us. Perform. Perform! How is it possible for us to pinpoint at one man out of millions in this country. There is no force, no infrastructure. We are extremely ill equipped. The sorry state of affairs of the Indian Police is not hidden from any one. Still the public rants off. They are the ones who take it easy. They’d turn lawless any given chance. Jump queues, avoid check ups, delay verifications. Oh yeah, the records? This man? He has some odd sexual harassment cases against him. But, no…he is a Hindu yaar . This one is Ismail Khan. Has chain snatching and pick pocketing cases against him. I hate such people. Let’s see.

Scene 4: Expressway. Friday 3:00 a.m.

The siren rips through the dead of the night, but this time for a different reason. There is a car accident! Oh it has hit the divider. Who is it? It’s a girl! What is a girl doing so late at night, diving all alone? Doesn’t she know this city isn’t safe for women? Tch tch.

Scene 5: University Grounds. Monday 3:00 p.m.

Chottu’s dhaba is annoyingly deserted today except for those 4 friends. Seems like they are discussing a hot topic. What are they saying?

Red Shirt: Have you heard the latest about that girl? They found a bullet in the post mortem. God! What were the police doing declaring it an accident?

Spiked hair: I know man! Seems like a case of road rage to me. Some drunkards must have picked up a fight and shot her off. Though the motive is not clear yet.

Aviator glares: Could be a case of a possessive lover or an admirer. He might have followed her. I heard she was a Director of a company or something. Fortunately for that, at least pressure was on and an inquiry was initiated.

Jhola Bag: I don’t trust the police, do you? Do any of the girls? The other day, they stopped me near the bus terminal, to interrogate me. Anyway, I think it is a typical case of a police goof up. As part of their check up, they might have asked her to stop or she might have been speeding. With all the pressure on those guys, they could have cracked up too. They shot. But it turned out to be a girl. So they had to turn it into an accident. Oh stop rolling your eyes, it’s just a theory.

Red shirt: Yeah, a far fetched one at that!! Anyway, May her soul rest in peace. Shall we get going? The S. Nagar Diwali mela is supposedly good. Let’s check it out!

What? These guys are getting up already?? Just when things were getting interesting. Well! Who am I? Oh I am just your common man.

Shruti Choudhury

[Image source:http://flickr.com/photos/manny_nair/188196920/sizes/m/]