A Man! An Institution!

A phenomenon (other than crciket) is in the pipeline as strangers meet at town squares, light candles, voice slogans and pledge to support a law which can root out the ever growing corruption in public offices, as part of one of the biggest mass activism the country has seen after Gandhi.

Anna Hazareā€¦a man with the power of a thousand million Indians is fasting unto death for the sake of this country. While all the news channels are emphasizing on Anna Hazare and have quietly pushed IPL to the sideline, the Indian Youth must also understand that Anna Hazare requires them more than the IPL. It’s about time we get out of our comfort zones and join this man in this fight for a corruption free nation.

Anna Hazare has struck a spark, which is engulfing the whole nation. Only the government steeped in corruption seems unaware of a solution. It’s high time for opposition parties to bake their ‘election cake’ to feed Anna Hazare to end his fast! Personifying selflessness, Anna is a one man army against the government which is masking its fears of getting caught in the name of official procedures.

The spark has not only sent waves of shock down the spine of the corrupt officials but has also ignited the spirits of Young India in support. The Delhi University students have stepped up! Karan Sachdeva, a DU student began fasting to stand for this cause in his own way. The 24-hour fast he thought of has been extended because of the immense support shown by the students in his deed.

Step up. Raise your voice. Start a revolution. Show that you have power to make a change. Ideas, words, need to be spread like fire. Join hands. All I’d like to say to Anna is that, “Anna! You’re no more HAZARe…you’re a 1.2 Billion people together :-)…you are the change!” How abt paying taxes, casting your vote, not using ‘pehchaan’ and not paying bribes to start with??

Hardeep Singh & Garima Obrah

Image Source: [http://idiva.com/media/content/2011/Apr/do_you_support_anna_hazare.jpg]