A Manmade Drought In Maharashtra


Another Kind Of Blame Game

As I think of what I want to say about the drought that the Marathwada region of Maharashtra is experiencing right now, I draw a blank. Generally, I’ve always got an opinion about something, but in times like these, what can be said that hasn’t already been said?

Natural disasters and calamities cannot be controlled. Global warming is taking it’s toll, and it can’t be stopped, just reduced. In any case, when such occurrences decide to occur, we need to provide relief to those who need it.

Right? Right.

This relief is supposed to come indirectly in the form of our money, which is collected as tax by our government, and it’s supposed to use it judiciously for the welfare of the country…all that. We all know that, and I don’t want to reassert that.

We also know that our government is doing a generally pathetic job of providing welfare to its citizens, and it’s really corrupt.

Everyone has expressed their disappointment in our sad excuses of “leaders”, and the people in question have seen the effects of their actions – or rather, inactions – but nothing stirs them.

And it really makes me wonder if they gave a f**** about this (five points to you if you figured out the Maroon 5 reference).

You’d think that after hundreds of protests, thousands of petitions, and millions of scathing voices, there’d be an attitude shift. Who would have thought that after seeing the consequences that their work has on over a billion people, there wouldn’t be a drastic change?

This time, I don’t have anything mordacious to say. There are many others who’ve been echoing what we all feel.


When it comes to me, there are other thoughts echoing in my head, too. They’re questions.

How? And why?

In politics, why is everything a blame game? The Opposition is using this as a chance to throw around all kinds of accusations that may or may not be true. Apparently, this drought is “artificial” because water which should have been used by the people was directed to breweries. It’s horrible to use a calamity as a chance to strengthen your hold over the seats of the ruling class, and it’s even worse if these allegations are true. Maybe the Opposition is doing us a favour.

According to an investigation by Headlines Today, this drought is “man-made” because the government was corrupt, and it did not complete its irrigation projects properly.

Now, the government plans to make it mandatory to have drip irrigation in the region, so that up to 60 percent of the available water is saved. Der aaye durust aaye? (Better late than never.)

Arre, der se kyun aaye? (Why late?)

If you know what conditions are like in your region, which, as the government, you’re supposed to know, how hard is it to introduce such a bill in the Parliament before things get out of hand?

Is this an attempt by those who caused the drought to appease their consciences?

Because I don’t see how anyone can live with themselves after knowing that what they do have repercussions for over a billion people, and still let them down. That has got to take some serious skill.

I wonder how much effort it takes to pass off a situation such as this, solely upon “nature’s will”. Doesn’t the weight of all the suicides committed by people who can’t see a way out feel like murder?

I guess being extremely detached is a special quality that only a very few have.

Sanya Sharma

Image Source [http://www.madhyamam.com/velicham/en/sites/default/files/imagecache/w604/drought%201.jpg]