Liberating! The exhilarating moment in which your craving is satisfied. The merest of indulgences into our hearts most ardent desires leaves us all feeling more gratified than we ever have been. Or so we think. Sometimes the urge to satisfy our needs becomes so great as to blind us to all rhyme and reason. We become so gripped and impassioned that all else disappears. It becomes a primal want and we resort to all ends to quench it. We don’t pause to consider the repercussions of our actions. So intoxicated do we get by the heady concoction of these emotions that we lose our ability to think or, be human. These emotions when run unabated manipulates you into doing something so completely out-of-character that you later look into the mirror and ask the person staring back at you, ‘Did I really do that?’ But do you deserve punishment for your impassioned crime? The debate stirs up every time a high profile figure in caught indulging red-handed.
One action does not make the man. One act of kindness does not always serve to wipe out an era of cruelty. And yet we say actions make a man. Does that mean he deserves punishment? Or does reprimanding him for his offence, as he pleads for a chance to redeem himself, suffice? How far does one act go to change everything he ever strived for in life. Should his one deed dictate how he should live the rest of his life?
‘Look before you leap’, perhaps one of the most fundamental lessons of life. One that has been passed down for generations. Yet how many of us follow it? Each day we make a hasty decision only to rue over it later. Sometimes our mistakes are negligible and at other they leave an indelible mark on our lives. We are left clutching at the piece that used to be our life. We spend endless hours berating and chiding ourselves for that small error in judgment, wondering how different life would be if we hadn’t given in to our fit of passion.
Life is never simple. It has its highs and lows. The trick is to make each of them count. It is not to give into every weak moment and then try to redeem ourselves. If everyone were to give into their moments of madness and were it excusable, we wouldn’t need rules. The ability to feel an overwhelming emotion and the decision to keep it in check, that is what sets us apart from other animals. That is what makes us MAN.
Manasa M