A New Dawn in The Dark Continent of Africa

The 21st century has witnessed some major changes and progress in various fields of life. The world has developed itself and surged ahead. But there are still a handful of countries in which societies need aid and assistance. They have infighting, rivalry within different groups in society, improper tapping of their natural resources and rampant corruption. Due to these conditions, majority of the people are living in deplorable conditions.

Africa is the second largest continent in the world and has a large population of over a billion people. In spite of large quantities of natural resources in most parts of Africa, they are not effectively utilised. But it is first and foremost, poverty stricken. Every year, millions of people die due to a variety of reasons including hunger. In these conditions, children suffer the most. HIV/AIDS and malaria are major contributors to Africa’s death toll.

Economically and financially, it is weak and backward. Conflicts between different groups and clans result in civil wars, which result in chaos and termination of government rule. Racial assaults and attacks are common here. The standard of living and quality of life is quite low.

African culture is one of the most interesting in the world. It is unique thanks to its good deal multitude of languages, costumes, traditions and ways of life. It is unfortunate that such an interesting country has fallen prey to disease and poverty.

Recently, people have stepped up and lent a helping hand by starting charity organisations and welfare funds. Celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie have become goodwill ambassadors from their respective countries on the behalf of the UN. Food and medicines are being provided to the needy. Concerts such as Live 8 aim to collect funds from their concerts in eight metropolitan cities around the world and devote it to Africa.

Today, the girl child is encouraged to get educated and be successful in life. Several schools have opened up including Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Academy for Girls, where orphans are taught to become independent and grow up to become smart citizens of society.

The recent visit of Barack Obama and his family to Africa signifies the level of goodwill America has towards this nation. Obama oversaw the country’s current plight and the situation of the people. World leaders have held conferences time and again to try and ameliorate Africa’s state of affairs. This shows how individuals from around the world come together and give support so that there is change for the better.

Of late, Africa has become more universal in the music, sports, tourism and visual art industries. Various styles and genres of music are being broadcast all over the world and they give us a glimpse into the African world. Multinationals and organisations have realised the potential of investments in Africa, and are showing a keen interest to invest and set up industries there. If corruption can be controlled and curbed and the natural resources optimally tapped, the people of Africa will benefit and see better living conditions which they so deserve.

Shirin Khara

[Image courtesy: http://www.fightpoverty.mmbrico.com/facts/globalisation.jpg]