A Nightmare On Capitol Hill: Donald Trump Could Be The Next US President

Super Tuesday

The Super Tuesday results are in front of us. The two clear candidates that might be contesting in the near future for the post of President as per the results are Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

It seems odd how a person like Trump is able to garner so many votes despite his obnoxious comments against certain communities and his ultra conservative views. Are citizens of United States becoming so desperate that they are choosing a person who might not be suitable for the States becoming so desperate that they are choosing a person who might not be suitable for the post? I feel the most pertinent question to ask is how has Trump reached this level in U.S. politics?


First, we need to look at his background. Trump is an accomplished businessman in the real estate sector. As per the Forbes List, his net worth is $4.5 billion. After accumulating much wealth, he dwelled into the field of politics through his funding of political parties in the United States. Later, he announced his desire to run for Presidency in 1988, 2004 and 2012. Now, he is winning big and is clearly becoming the Republican candidate for the highest post of the country.

Though, what worries me most is his ideologies. He has contemplated a total ban on Muslims into the United States. Even Pope Francis has said “a person who thinks only about building walls… and not of building bridges, is not Christian”. He has also said that he is against gay marriages and civil unions. He doesn’t believe in global warming at all. Despite many school shootouts, he is against gun control.

Is this what is expected from a person who is running for the presidential elections of United States of America?

Recently, Trump declared that he will improve relations with India in order to tackle Pakistan. He has also pledged more investment into India. He even appreciated the work done by the Modi government in field of economy.

However, one good for India may not be in the larger interest of our nation. We have seen in past how G.W. Bush was pro India and yet his policies were largely responsible for the turmoil effecting the Middle East and indirectly India.

At this juncture, we need a person with an exceptional statesmanship qualities to lead the most powerfully country in the world. The global economy is yet to bounce back from a period of bust. The deceleration of China has further aggravated the situation. The U.S economy has the potential to lead the world economy from these doldrums albeit a leader with right policies who can guide it.

Further, the Middle East is becoming a hot cauldron due the mess in Syria and Iraq. Only a leader with great diplomatic skills can solve the issue of the region which is the global crude oil supplier. Back home, we need a strong US to counter the over aggressive China. The deployment of Missiles in Woody Islands in South China Sea shows the aggrandizing by our northern neighbor.

Moreover, there are other global issues such as refugee crisis, global warming, Climate change etc that require a U.S president who is able to balance all stakeholders in a consensual way.  Hillary Clinton might be a much better option in such turbulent times. She has the experience and necessary skills required for the office. However, my belief is not of much use as it is in the hands of U.S citizens to decide not only the future of their own country but the world as well. I hope they choose through their minds and not their hearts.

Nishant Kumar

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