Maya Angelou: A Phenomenal Woman You Must Read About


Maya Angelou Passes Away At 86

We’ve all read the poems of Maya Angelou, but not many would have heard the great author and poet recite her own works.

Here is a podcast on NPR where one can hear the great woman recite one of her most memorable poems, “Still I Rise”.


Her voice is just a bit hoarse, just a bit determined and just a tad bit magical. Can you hear the pride, the conviction, the optimism and the hope?

Maya Angelou was gifted. There was nothing she couldn’t do. An author, a poet, a cabaret singer, nightclub dancer, a Broadway actress and a director, she was a woman of many talents. A woman with a colourful personality and the mettle to do anything; be anything.

Listen again to the podcast above, you can hear that cabaret voice of hers, that poetic magic she could weave; you can even hear the spring in her step.

Newspapers, televisions, the internet, all are flooded with articles about the great Maya Angelou. From timelines, to quotes, to tributes and obituaries, the whole world is mourning the loss of a jewel. But its not just them, we’re mourning as well.

Some call her wonderful, others call her revolutionary, but for me, and women like me all around the world, Angelou’s own words describe her best:

“I am a Woman
Phenomenal Woman,
That’s me.”

Phenomenal Woman, poem (1978)

Many of us don’t know all that Maya Angelou achieved in her life. We don’t know about the millions that she inspired. We don’t even know about the honesty that resonated in her writings, but we should.

Her autobiographies, her poems, her plays, her children’s books and her essays, all her works offer something to everybody. So, you may be a little late, but here are some of Angelou’s works that you can start with.

1. Still I Rise

2. I Know Why Caged Birds Sing

3. Gather Together In My Name

4. Phenomenal Woman: For Poems Celebrating Women

5. Letter To My Daughter

6. I Shall Not Be Moved

And as always, Angelou left us with a little bit of wisdom; her last tweet that sums it all:

Aishwarya Dravid

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