A Place Called Joy

There’s this place, a beautiful place. Lets call it Joy. Curious as I am, I wanted to know more and so, I decided to make the Journey. It was a journey across the Skies by the way. A long journey – Not difficult, but long.

‘I look up at the sky and spread my hands wide, breathe, and take flight. My insides throb, enthusiasm and anticipation driving me. It’s a perfect day for flying – Clear blue sky, no rogue winds, no ominous telling of any sorts. As I glide across the layers of blue, and the honeyed rays of the sun embrace my being, it is a sight to behold. Any other day, and I would have taken a moment aside to revel.

But today, all that I have in mind is Joy. A few hundred miles crossed, I come across a strange sight. I look down to the Lands, and see faces. Smiling faces. They wave up at me, eliciting no response. After flying uninterrupted for a few hundred more miles, I realize that my vision is getting hazy.

I see clouds swimming towards me. Determined to overcome this slight turbulence, I propel backwards and surge forward with my head held down, aiming to fly right through the gray wisps ahead but my hands get stuck in the smoky remnants and no matter how hard I struggle, I cannot seem to free myself.

This is when I see the faces. The same faces who’d waved at me. And then hands grip me, and pull me out of the tangled smoky threads and lift me up in the air and nudge me forward so I resume flight! I fly up and ahead, putting the faces aside, pushed to the back of my head; my only goal being the destination. As my eyes take in all that lies across the welkin, I realize my yearning for Joy growing by the minute. And then, my gaze falls on what lies below, and I do a double take.

There stand those same faces, those same hands waving at me. An eerie wave of indignation takes over and I start flying higher and faster. Having traveled too much in too less time, I choose a minute’s respite. This is when I see what I see. The smiling faces looking up at me, but not waving. Instead, they raise their hands and beckon to me. And this is when I realize. I smile back at them, and let go. And I fall. Through the rainbows, I fall. Thus, I enter the Land of Joy.’

Everybody always has everything they need. Not all that they want, but all that they need. Sometimes we realize this, most times we don’t. The smiling faces were simple fragments of Joy, and the reason why I came across them at every point of my journey is because they never left, they never leave. And when my vision was under threat of being blurred by the dark clouds of ‘Un-Joy’, its happier alter-ego held hands with me and made the haze dissipate.

Joy is not to be yearned for, and made efforts for. It is to be lived, realized, and felt as it comes. It does not belong to places, you don’t travel to and search for happiness, it travels with you. It is where you are, within and around. Be it in times of extravagant revelry, when your spirit is lifted to higher ecstasy or the times when an ascending pall of gloom is subdued, those smiling faces are a part of you. So next time your mood takes a dip, go knocking on Joy’s door, and return the embrace. Be happy

Amrita Lall

18 years old and a new believer in altruism for a religion. At times, the wont-shut-up-will go on-for-hours talker, and at other times, the silent brooding one! An enthusiastic reader. Loves poetry and everything to do with words! Keeps finding new things to ponder about, for instance, at present, her growing conscience!