A Plausible Reply

November 4, 2011

Cover Story,
Titled: “Modi Makeover”- Anupama Katakam


It is my personal 1st edition of FRONTLINE magazine, bought only because of the bland legacy of THE HINDU.

I was enjoying the article and the credit, quite evidently goes to the content, expressed with utter panache and finesse, until a line on page no. 26, which stated “The arrest of the senior IPS officer with an unblemished record raised eyebrows.” Here in this line, Senior IPS Officer, I palpably assume to be none other than Shri Sanjeev Bhatt, aka now better known as Suspended Senior IPS Officer Shri Sanjeev Bhatt.

The article perturbed me a lot since it was a diligent manifestation of being anti-NaMO by depicting him to be a wily politician, like he is the only one adopting so called ‘sordid’ ways in Indian politics. The uncanny thing of the article; all words were veiled on behest of sociologists, which may be true though, but I can’t stop being skeptical about it all the way.

A very simple question, straight away pointed to Madam Anupama Katakam, Did you ever give it a thought, before proclaiming Shri Sanjeev Bhatt to have an unblemished record, and how far is it true? This proclamation did halt my thoughts and was mystified with the penchant being flaunted for him. I never doubted your journalism skills until this article of yours made me do so.

I will pose another straight question to a veteran writer like you, “why didn’t you do an autopsy before writing such a line?”. Had it been done, you would have realized the reason of my wariness. When an ordinary engineering guy like me can do a bit of digging in this matter then why can’t you? After all it’s your profession and an identity source of yours in the society…

Your article didn’t answer many questions of mine. It was totally biased towards suspended IPS Officer Shri Sanjeev Bhatt. I did not do any research on rocket science but a simple googling helped me to understand the actual facts and not the rant conceived by English Media.

I have enough evidence to show you that truth, which is contradicting to your truth. I will provide you the links and when it comes to authentication of those links, that’s where your real job starts.
1. http://news.oneindia.in/feature/2011/sanjeev-bhatt-arrest-was-inevitable.html
2. http://thammayya.wordpress.com/2011/10/07/a-note-on-the-cases-and-conduct-of-sanjiv-bhatt/
3. http://indiawires.com/2373/news/state-news/a-note-on-the-cases-and-conduct-of-sanjiv-bhatt/

How can a SENIOR IPS OFFICER, having a horrendous criminal record in his career, be credible enough to hide “important” information, which would have purportedly punished the perpetrators by now, is getting such a media hype? Didn’t he consider throwing light upon his STRONG EVIDENCES to show it to the whole Nation so that justice wouldn’t have been delayed??

That was the 1st part of my appalling worry and now comes the latter part; Since three months I have been arduously reading magazines: Outlook, India Today and The Week. Newspapers: The Hindu, TOI, Daily news & analysis and all I can conclude is “Every Journalist and Journals are keen in bringing up the Gujrat riots of 2002 again and again; Trying to indict Shri Narendra Modi for allowing a so called ‘Unprecedented Riot’.

Why it is that all the media personnel only highlight the death toll of Muslims and not even a single Hindu? Is or was it like the corpse of a Hindu a mere zilch? The stats say, for the first two days Hindus were the ones who were killed more than Muslims; who will pave a way for this truth to see the broad daylight i.e. who will tell this to the whole world?

Why aren’t victimized Hindu families fighting for justice? Do they wish to be eluded from justice or dream of some Dancer or a pontificating Justice for Peace Activist, who’s been proved for foiling the truth by forcing to file identical and false affidavit and who is a paradigm of converting facts to fallacies. The rule, as of now in India has changed drastically; Minority Dominating the Majority.

Every journalist claims to be secular and in the process forgets that, not every time the MAJORITY is at fault in being non secular. The articulating reason for this ostentation is clear; write well or highlight the atrocities on the MINORITIES and thus gain fair share of lauds, laurels and not forget, the appraisals for bringing in more readership.

All these months, I was least bothered of what other magazines had to write about this, because I know they are trying hard to prove their liberty in thoughts and articles, but the truth is, they aren’t!!!

A magazine like Frontline, having a tremendous stature and an unchallenged legacy of not being morally corrupt, is not a pretty sight for eyes and an insight for mind.

For the first time ever, I found an article from FRONTLINE, devoid of reality and a sheer attempt to fill the space with ruing words.

I, being a citizen of India and a true apostle of THE HINDU GROUP, have the right to seek an answer for such an unobtrusive mistake…