A salute to Women!

This is arguably one of the most discussed and debated topics worldwide.Women. It is true that Men and Women cannot live without each other. We might have a few clashes and may dislike certain qualities in the opposite sex but all that is always temporary. It is thedifferences between men and women, which keeps the relationship between them alive. In earlier times, Women were looked down upon and were considered as the weaker of the two sexes and were not treated properly. She was literally used as the slave of Man for many centuries. They were restricted to a great extent and were the victims of most of the crimes that took place then. They did not have the power or the resources to even fight for their rightful place in the society.

This situation slowly started to change at the dawn of the 20th century. Women started claiming their rightful place in their society and at present, are the torchbearers of development. Though all this development has taken place, crimes against women have still not reduced. Though stricter laws have come into place in most countries, a woman still feels vulnerable and insecure while stepping outside. Though many women talk of rules, rights and freedom, a woman would have attained complete freedom only when she steps out of the house at any given time on a day with confidence, and returns home safe and secure.

By nature, Women are more emotional, sensitive, nurturing and caring than Men and this is used as leverage on them to commit crimes. Though they have learnt to cope up with the present situation, they cannot be entirely independent in fighting crimes. The brute male force has to be curbed if crimes are to come down. Politicians are the leaders of corruption, so, there is no use in asking them to step up security and improve the legal situation. The police force also is corrupt in many countries leaving no assurance for safety anywhere for a woman. They must join together and prove their might and take their rightful place as equals in this world.

Women are the best companions to be with, and I’m not the only one who’s saying this… time and again, history has proved it to us. A woman plays a very important role in a man’s life. As a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, and a friend, they influence a man’s life in so many different ways. Only if men and women learnt to adjust with each other, forgetting their ego, Earth would definitely be the most harmonious place to live in. Men can never comprehend fully what women go through and hence can never understand them… We men just have to embrace their good qualities and discourage the bad ones, as hey, no one is perfect after all!! Here’s to all the women in my life! My life wouldn’t have been the same without them! For god’s sake, my life wouldn’t have existed without them!

Vishal NC