A Sip of the Greek Wine

Greece is a virgin country when it comes to Indian tourists. People go to Europe to see London, Paris, Rome and Switzerland. But if the heart desires a ultimate relaxing experience, the Cyclades in Greece are the islands to be on. Santorini and Mykonos are two of the Cyclades, which are the best known for their beauty and nightlife.

Santorini, once called Kallisti (the beautiful one), is as the name suggests a dainty island about two hundred kilometers away from the mainland of Greece. If seen from a distance, it will look like icing on a cake. The petite white houses with blue roofs are  trademarks of this place.  The blue Agean Sea surrounding the island is a sight to see. One would definitely feel as if they are in a fairy tale!

Being a volcanic island, Santorini does not have the soil that will support agriculture, but what it can support is Grape vines, and you can see this all along the road as grape shrubs line the roads. The sight is simply spectacular -green on the dark red soil. So it is no wonder that the people of Santorini make their living by producing wine! A trip to the big winery is one of the interesting things to do there.

The village of Oia is the capital of this island. All along the cobbled streets are shops, which sell anything from handicrafts made out of seashells, to expensive gold jewellery.  This village is high atop a hill, and the view from here is breathtaking as all of Santorini can be seen. And the sunset, well no words can describe the brilliance that the sun can show here even when it is fading beyond the horizon.

The island of Mykonos (Mee- ko- nose) was named after a local hero, who was considered the grandson of the god Apollo and was worshipped locally. The nightlife on this island is said to be the best in Europe.  One can visit one of the many nightclubs, or maybe just enjoy the local wine with a Greek salad at a seaside bar in ’Little Venice’.

Mykonos is also famous for its beach parties. There are sandy beaches here and the parties start mid afternoon and go on till late at nite. Also called The playhouse for Adults, Mykonos is the place to be if one wants to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

If partying is not the main focus and it’s a family trip then the best thing to do is drop the kids off at the beach or by the pool and check into one of the many spas which provide relaxing massages or facials. A couples package is all that one may need to have an unforgettable time with that special someone!

Ridhu Bhatia

Image Source: [http://www.1000lonelyplaces.com/phot-blog/top-10-tourist-attractions-of-greece/]