A Soldier’s Prayer

A solider

Defeated in the war

Caught and captivated

In the enemy’s camp

Quietly with a tearful eye

He thinks about his lover

Remembers her laugh

And everything else

Attached with her

Each moment that is passed

He dreams about his escape

But deep in his heart

He knows he is doomed

He wants to escape

And be in the arms of his lover

But he knows he can’t

He dies a little more inside

The thought of him

Being away from his lover

Rips his heart apart

Tortured by the enemies

He is all bruised

All his joints hurt

Because of the enemy’s sticks

One gloomy night

While lost in his thoughts

About his lover

And dreaming of his escape

The enemy quietly enters his cell

And shoots a bullet

That pierces his heart

Ojasvini R Baral