A stain


Of long hours of laughter,

Of “sore labour’s bath,”

Blackish, brownish

and golden.

Discussions, arguments,

A celebrating companion.

Partners in crime and a witness-

This stain.


Balm of hangovers,

A blemish that resides

as royalty on my white shirt-

mind and heart.

A reminder

of that spilled espresso.

Bitter-sweet memories

of this shining stain.


A patch of carelessness,

Holding promises galore.

Happy, young faces,

Familiarity frozen in time.

A cup of coffee,

that arouses the past.

Sip by sip,

I grow younger.


A stain that I protect now.

Pamper and maintain

real close to my Heart.

A spot of remembrance.

A stain with-

the lingering aroma of friendship,

of college.

Breath of a life gone by.


Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: The Viewspaper