A Story of the Face Behind the Veil

How easy it is to cry and let your emotions out in the sea
of tears,
How easy it is to ignore others sigh and shut the cover of
your ears.
How easy it is to do something which you do not like at all,
How easy it is to be someone else and live in a world that
is totally false.

How easy it is to control the tides erupting inside you,
How can you call yourself alive when you are not allowed run
and move.
How easy it could be to choke yourself to death,
And yes, it is the best option when nothing can be felt.

How easy it would be to survive when your brain doesn’t
How easy it could be to depend on others even if you want to
sing a song.
How easy it is to live when the sky refuses to pour the
How easy it is to not feel guilty even if they have been

It’s not easy and yes it is easy at the same time.
It can be learnt with practice and then you will be able to
hear the wind chime.
I have practiced it and mastered it very well,
I am numb, lifeless and have nothing left to tell.

I am dead but I am still alive,
I have worked hard to make it easy and not to fight.
I am the sea of emotions and the fire of wrath,
And yes, I have made it easy for myself by choosing the
right path.

I have to drink the blood of sadness and eat the flesh of
I can kill the wind with that nefarious smile and stop the
droplets of rain.
I am the reason behind the evil crimes,
I am the one who controls your soul all the time.

I am the bundle of agony,
I am the river of shame,
I am the darkness of the night which can always be blamed.
I am the king of the country but I am the servant of the
I am the girl or the women of the village who is often
termed as a witch.

Many like me die every day for no reasons,
I was the queen of the earth but now I am lifeless season.
I have to beg in front of them for my own life,
I have to entertain them so that their day can be bright

My innocent eyes deny looking at the beauty around,
The mental trauma of killing my own daughter is still fresh
and sound.
I was forced by them to throw her in the garbage bin,
And yes I have committed this unforgivable sin.

Now death is at my doorstep and I will be a free soul,
I regret that I existed and couldn’t play my role.
I choose the wrong direction and let things happen the they
I made it easy for them rather I should have fought with him
and her.

I would want to be a woman again whenever I take a rebirth,
I would love to shine in the sky but never crawl on

Swinder Kaur