A Trip to Nainital

In today’s world we hardly have the time to take a note of our mind. Rarely do we stop to listen what our body and mind are saying. We are so preoccupied with our busy lives that we have chosen to become mechanised people, rather than be the natural human being God had created. For, how many times do we notice the falling leaves in the winter, how many times do we enjoy the chirping of birds in the autumn and how many times do we enjoy those wonderful drops of rain trying to kiss us.

I might just as well consider myself to be fortunate enough to have had experienced, at least, some of these nature’s excitement. And take my words, the experience was simply exhilarating.

Many of you might have visited Nainital , the small picturesque hill station in Uttarakhand. It’s a hill station with a perennial lake, i.e. the lake has a source of underground water and hence never dries up. But what many of you might have missed is, visiting Nainital at the right time. Friends if you want a peaceful and calm break for a few days visit this beautiful place, which is just about 400kms from Delhi-the perfect weekend getaway as some might say!. My personal piece of advice to all you adventure freaks out there, is hit for Nainital in the monsoons, Yes, you heard it correct-MONSOONS. For it is monsoons, when you can truly live with the nature, feel it with every rain drop, see the greenery of the valley at its best and get the adrenaline rushing with the treacherous landslides.

Nainital is approachable by all modes of transport. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, about 40kms from Nainital. There is an air strip at Pantnagar, which is at a distance of 70kms. Nainital is also well connected to other important towns and cities through regular bus and taxi services. It is an overnight journey from Delhi.

Once in Nainital there is no dearth of accommodation. Right from budget hotels to luxury five star ones-you get it all here. So depending on your budget chose your accommodation. The tourist season starts in April and continues till around August. Since there is plenty of tourists at this time, be sure to do your booking in advance. Check out the tourism sites for the Hotels. But those of you who are planning to have a different experience in Nainital and have decided to go in the monsoon, accommodation is not an issue at all, as most of the hotels remain vacant. Another good time to visit the place is winters, wherein if your stars are strong, you might as well be lucky enough to celebrate Christmas in the snow!!

Food is cheap and you have a choice of both cuisines and restaurants. Do not forget to enjoy the delicious ice cream scoops on the main road (along the lake) and the steaming hot momos in the Tibetan market. The momos for once made me feel that I was in Tibet-true authentic Tibetan taste as many swear!!! Those of you, who are health conscious, do enjoy the excellent collection of fruits in the Upper market.

The place has two main markets-the Tibetan Market & the Upper Market. Both the markets are near the famous Naini Devi Temple. For once all you guys, let your gals “shop till they drop”. And while your girls are at it don’t be left behind! For the Tibetan market has something for each one of us. However, keep the “candles” right at the top of your shopping list (if you are fortunate to make one though). These candles are a speciality artefact of Nainital. You can get them in variuos colours and shapes, as well as sizes. Get plenty of them as “gifts” for people back home. And let me tell you the trick to get these stuffs cheap-B-A-R-G-A-I-N!!

A visit to the Naini Devi Temple is must. It is on the Goddesses’ name that the place is named Nainital – Naini, the goddess & tal, the lake.

Those of you, who are on a vacation, do not forget to go to Almora, Ranikhet and Kausani. These places are quite near to Nainital and each one has its own unique experience to be felt.


There are many places of tourist interest in and around Naintal. It is said that Nainital has many lakes around it. The most famous among them being Sattal, Bheemtal, Nakuchiatal. There are some beautiful waterfalls as well. Also, visit the governor’s house. Get up early in the morning and walk your way up to the Snow View Point. This point throws up an exhilarating and astounding view of the Himalayas. If you are lucky enough, you might end up seeing some of the well known peaks. And before packing your bags on your way home take a leisurely boat ride in the Nainital.


The place is a follower of “Garwali” tradition. So don’t be surprised to see a strong “Garwali” influence there.


So readers, pack your bags and take the road to a blissful and rejuvenating experience, called Nainital….


Souvik Mitra

[Image source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/sanjoy/276214670/]