A Trip to Shivpuri

Planning a weekend trekking trip is never an easy task, especially when you want to include as much of adventure as possible. My friends and I had been planning such a trip for a long time and one fine day we decided to make a trip to Rishikesh.

We started by searching for some camps on Google search engine. We found too many camps which only made things tougher. We patiently searched through the websites and contacted the respective camps. To our disappointment we found out that all the camps had shifted their base from Rishikesh. We were just about to drop the idea when my friend Parth’s brother came to our rescue. He gave us the contact number of a resort that arranges for camp bas in Rishikesh. We called the concerned person up and enquired the details. We enquired about the weather, the activities included and the meal provided. (It is very important to enquire about these small details). We were most skeptical about the weather as we planned our trip in the month of June, near the monsoons. We enquired specifically if we would be able to go river rafting.

Everything seemed fine and things were falling in place. We booked our camps through Indoganga Camps for three days and two nights. The activities included white water rafting across stretch of 15 km; rappelling and rock climbing; forest trek. We were also provided for meals in the camp itself. They charged us Rs 3300 per person for the package after some intensive bargaining. (Bargaining is a must; otherwise you may end up paying double the actual amount) We found it pretty reasonable and sealed the deal. It was a group of eleven people, so the next task ahead of us was to book a transport. We decided on a 12 seater mini bus which could accommodate all of us.

We started our journey on Saturday morning at 7’o clock from Delhi and planned to return back on Monday night. The bus ride was nice initially but got a little irritating later on as we got struck in a traffic jam. It seemed as if the whole Delhi had planned a weekend holiday. (Do embark upon your journey as early in the morning as possible; especially during the weekends). At last we reached Shivpuri; our base camp, 15 km away from Rishikesh. As soon as we reached our base camp we were treated to lunch which was okay but not fresh as it was prepared 3 hours ago. (We reached our camp two hours late due to traffic). The tents provided for our stay were clean and tide. We were given riverside camps and the view was awesome. We were immediately refreshed after seeing the river and the mountains behind.

We straight away headed to play volley ball at the river bank (our base camp had a sand volley ball court). After a two hour play at the volley ball nets we were tired and decided to take a dip in the river. Each one of us grabbed his life jacket and jumped into the river. The water was freezing but we got used to it in minutes.

The swim in the river had relaxed us completely. It was now time to have some fun with the camera. We clicked and captured the magnificent view of the mountains in our cameras along with our not so pretty faces. The sun was setting down and it was time for dinner.

The dinner was quite nice as opposed to our expectations. In the night though, the mosquitoes and next day’s excitement did not let us sleep. (Don’t forget to carry odomos along with you). The next day morning we had a rendezvous again with the make shift toilets and bathrooms. (Be prepared for all this in a camp).

After the breakfast we headed for our rafting adventure. We were all geared up for this experience. We were given some initial instructions and words of caution but we were more interested in having fun. We were supposed to raft across a stretch which included 3 major and 3 minor rapids. The stretch was from Shivpuri to Rishikesh. In the stop over between our rafting conquests we witness a place from where we could climb up and jump back into the river from a height of 25 feet. The jumping experience was the highlight of the trip. Tired and exhausted after rafting we went to our camp and crashed in our beds soon after dinner.

The next day we went for the forest trek, which was extremely tiring and boring. The only good thing was that the overweight members of the team lost some flab. We headed straight back to Delhi from there on after a lunch in a road side dhaba. (Do check the hygiene of the dhaba before stepping into one). We reached back home at 12 in the midnight and went to sleep with tones of memories to dream about. We will all cherish this wonderful experience for the rest of our lives…

Nitish Kapoor