A Tryst With Adventure


I love the times we are living in. No one judges you when you pick a career that defies the norm. You may not make a lot of money and may not be in a position to buy the fanciest house and the latest car in the market, but you are happy with what you are doing. Job satisfaction has become of utmost importance today and people are not worried about leaving their cushy well paying jobs to pursue their dreams.

It maybe starting an inn in a small village in Manali, or a cafe in Goa or simply touring the country, giving people a thirst for adventure; a taste of what nature has to offer. Adventure tourism is finding new grounds in India. There is a sudden surge of people taking off on the off beaten track and exploring what lies amidst the wild. There was a time when you could experience white water rafting in Rishikesh and pursue water sports only in Goa, but now the country seems to have opened up and adventure spots are everywhere you look.

This can be contributed to a select bunch of travellers who have a crazy thirst for adventure. They go beyond the ordinary, discover trekking tracks, rivers that can be converted into an adventure extravaganza by way of canoeing and kayaking activities. There are number of organizations today that organize adventure filled holidays for people. You could pick a luxury holiday, a leisure trip or an adventure trip – whatever you want can be arranged.

If you like a life that is going to be an adventure all through, you should indeed consider looking at getting trained in adventure sports. Professional training is a must as if you are going to rock climb, kayak or canoe, you have to know how to do them. Adventure sports also include sky diving, river rafting and many more.

If you want to get into the management aspect of adventure, you could look at training yourself at one of the organizations that organize adventure trips. The best thing about this change in career perspective is that more and more young people are coming up with ideas that work. A lot of energy and ideas bring together opportunities for growth in this field that is not explored to its fullest yet. The country is full of places that reek of adventure. Young travellers with oodles of imagination take off on treks to explore lands that may suit the fancy of people.

Identifying adventure spots is one part of the profession, organizing tours and ensuring that accommodation, food and the activities are arranged on time is what forms a major part of the profession. You will meet exciting people and make the best of friends along the way. A lot of travellers from across the world come to India in search of adventure holidays and a lot of corporate offices too want to send their employees on adventure trips that will help them bond and work on their team work.

A career in adventure holidays is lucrative to say the least. So get off the beaten track and explore to your heart’s content until you find a place that you can call your own.

Sonia Bisht

Image Source [https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3130/2775737260_69cdc323b2_z.jpg?zz=1]