A tryst with AIESEC

It’s amazing how many times you delete the first sentence over and over again when you are writing your first article. I have done that a couple of times already. Sharing my feelings and what I am going through has always been very hard for me. Penning down an experience always seems like a task. But the moment I sat down to write about AIESEC I knew my hands would do all the working on their own.

About a year ago I started my journey in the exotic lands of Russia, where not only did I find my strengths and weaknesses, I also found out a wee bit about the world which we are unknown of. A world which cannot be defined by all the words in a dictionary combined; a world yet to be explored.

I will not talk about how AIESEC gives you an edge over the others and how it makes you the professional you have always wanted to be, because all this happens and everybody who knows about AIESEC would know what it is to be a part of an Organization which has been affecting people all over the world.

When I was new to this organization I would often ask people what made them stick here for long. There was one unanimous answer to it. And that was the ‘people’ around them .One year later I have the same clichéd answer.

Through in the course of this one year I have met the most eccentric, talented and amazing people around. Not only do they stand with you during times of turmoil but are also there to celebrate the moments which have been most precious to you. From your birthdays to breakups, from failures to success, they would all stand by you through all thick and thin. You would not only find a good friend in people around you but would find the best of guides. The moral fusion between right and wrong can be defined with people of such devotion around.

AIESEC is one such organization which would get you an amazing experience almost every day which you would like to share with the world. This being my first article I have shared one of the many reasons why I believe and trust in AIESEC Chandigarh and people affected by it.

Akshay Gakhar